Top 5 films known for their cocktails

Top 5 films known for their cocktails

So you love cocktails do you? Well maybe you also love movies, who doesn’t? Cinema Seats Here at MyCocktailMasterclass we’ve got a fond relationship with both, so we thought we’d do a countdown of films you may recognise from the cocktail that appears so often in them.  Can you recognise the film from the cocktail? (they may get easier as you get towards number 1.

5. Champagne Cocktail


Champagne cocktail

4. White Russian


White Russian Cocktail

3. Red Eye

Red Eye Cocktail

2. Vesper Martini

Vesper Martini Cocktail

1. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan cocktail

Right, so now you know the 5 cocktails, lets see how you got on guessing the films they most usually are associated with… Good luck

5. Casablanca (was the Champagne Cocktail)


4. The Big Lebowski (was the White Russian)

The Big Lebowski

3. Cocktail (Was the Red Eye)

Cocktail Film

2. James Bond (was the Vesper Martini)

James Bond

1. Sex and the City (was of course the Cosmopolitan)

Sex and the City

Enjoy that? Well why don’t you try making them yourself?  Click through to our recipes and give it a try.

If you’ve any other iconic film / cocktail collections, please do let us know, as we always love watching movies and drinking cocktails.