What Your Cocktail Says About You

What Your Cocktail Says About You

It is commonly believed that you can tell a lot about a person by the clothes they wear or the car they drive. You may even be able to judge a person’s character by the type of dog they have or the area of a city in which they live. But did you know that there type of cocktail that you drink could give a signal to the type of person you are?

Look around any modern bar and the types of drinks that people are sipping are as varied as the personalities holding the glass.

Here are just 3 drinks that might give away the personality of the drinker

Vesper Martini CocktailClassy, stylish and in controlThe Martini

If you have one of these classic cocktails in your hand then you will be in great company. Think James Bond, think classy and above all think strong and stylish. This simple cocktail in its ‘Y’ shaped martini glass is so clear you could be drinking water. But you are not. You are showing the world that you mean business with the no frills shaken or stirred tipple. There are so many variations on the simple Martini including the Vesper Martini, the French Martini and … oh the list goes on. But the oldest and best is the simple Classic Martini

Cosmopolitan cocktailAre you a little bit behind the timesCosmopolitan and Sex on the Beach

There are some cock1tails that are classics and stand the tide of time. There are others that are modern and are just a passing faze. But there is another group of cocktails (and cocktail drinkers) that tend to be stuck somewhere in the middle. The Cosmopolitan is  cocktail that used to be very modern and, well ‘Cosmopolitan’. But if this is your cocktail of choice when you are on a night out with friends then you may be a bit stuck in the past. Just like Sex on the Beach, the Cosmo , as it is often called by the Cosmo club, was once very chic and was the only drink that an upwardly mobile, high flying person would drink. Not now! Most hip hopping cocktail drinkers have moved on … the Cosmo drinker hasn’t.

pina coladaCentre of attention, but subtlyPina Colada

It’s not often you will actually see a Pina Colada drinker in a bar. But if there are any then you can be sure they are dreaming of being on a beach somewhere warm. The drinker of a Pina colada is a beach person. Just like their drink they will be smooth and  rich, but with its full white body and its dash of colour on top, courtesy of the cherry and pineapple wedge it likes to be noticed….. but not too much