Cocktail Glass Types

Cocktail Glass Types

In the world of drinking, there are lots and lots or glasses out there. Some with very specific reasons as to the shape and style they are in. A lot of these reasons you’ll be used so, such as the pint glass. It is the size it is for legal reasons, but the shape and style vary when you go to different brands.

When it comes to cocktail glasses, these are often unbranded, and so are a little more standardised.  Though recently, these have become more unique and styled depending on the bar you’re in, or the bartender that’s serving you.  There are some standardised shapes and uses, and here we’ll explain them to you.

The Martini Glass


This is the iconic glass of almost all cocktails. When someone asks you to think of a cocktail, I’m sure your first thought will be of a cocktail in a martini glass. Some bartenders prefer this to be called a cocktail glass, as opposed to the glass being named after a string of cocktails, but that is fading out now, and martini glass is widely accepted.

With it’s sharp angled edges, and slim stem, this is the ideal glass for small drinks, pre chilled and the design helps to keep the warmth of your hand away from the liquid so it doesn’t heat up the cocktail at all.


The Champagne Flute

Champagne Flute Glass

Simple and elegant. the champagne flute is usually very tall compared with other glasses. Again, with a long stem, so the warmth of your hands don’t heat up the drink at all, this is another glass that is used primarily for champagne, and champagne cocktails (as well as other kinds of sparkling wine)




The Hurricane Glass


Hurricane cocktail glassThis glass, was named from the hurricane cocktail, and is typically larger than a highball, and cocktails served in this are always served with ice (the more ice the better).  It is shaped like a vase, or a hurricane lamp, and if containing colourful ingredients can look fantastic.




Rocks Glass, or Old Fashioned

Rocks Old Fashioned GlassThe rocks glass and old fashioned are the same style of glass. Low, wide, and as the name suggests, would typically serve drinks that would be “on the rocks”, meaning spirits served with ice.  The alternative name comes from one of the original cocktails, the old fashioned.

A simple glass, and is often used for spirit and mixers now a days, but originally, this would be a glass that would be served a single spirit with ice, and not served up to the rim of the glass


The Shot Glass

SHOTI’m sure you’re all aware of the shot glass, and as simple as it gets, this glass is used for serving shots, or shooters and is typically no bigger than 50ml or 2 ounces.  Meant for drinking the ingredients in one swift movement down the hatch.

Originally for single spirits, but nowadays, cocktails are coming in all sorts of sizes, and shooters are not being left out. With layered shooters, or shaken shooters, this little glass is getting in on the action and is often in use behind many a great cocktail bar.


Collins Glass, or Hi-Ball

TALLThe Collins glass is one which comes from a family of cocktails. The glass is tall, and a little thinner than the rocks glass, and holds just slightly more liquid.  You will no doubt be used to seeing these glasses for some spirit and mixers these days, or when a double is served.

The Collins family of cocktails (you’ll be surprised to hear), come from the classics such as the Tom Collins.  Simple and tasty, these tall refreshing cocktails are great for summer days and cooling down.


The Brandy Snifter

The Brandy glass is often referred to as a snifter, as the wide base, but smaller opening, allows the spirit to breathe, give off it’s aroma, and then concentrate that together at the rim of the glass.  People even prefer brandy or cognac to be served slightly warmer than most spirits, as this gives more flavour and aroma.  This is another reason for the shape of the glass. The short stem encourages the bulb of the glass to be cradled in the palm of the hand. Again, to allow a little heat transfer from your hand to the spirit.


There are many more glasses, such as wine glasses, Toddy / latte glasses, margarita glasses, pint glasses, or even tea pots, which are being used today in serving cocktails, but these listed above are the most used and common that you will come across.

Hope that helps, and enjoy whatever cocktail you’re drinking.