10 of the the best videos of 2014

10 of the the best videos of 2014

So 2014 is almost over, and there’s tonnes of places doing the infamous “look back at the year” but there are some things that are just worth remembering.  These moments from 2014 are just worth it.  Suggestions welcome of course.

1. Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics”

When you think of Danielle Radcliffe, you usually think Harry Potter, but our Danny has some decent skills when it comes to acting, having a laugh, but check out his rap skills.  Definitely watch all the way to the end. Very impressed.

2. This girl who was so upset not to be Nicki Minaj after anasthetic from the dentist

Wouldn’t it be so disappointing to wake from a deep sleep and NOT be Nicki Minaj? a strange thought, but a very real one for this unfortunate dentist patient. Very nice of her partner to share her hilarious moments.

3. The joy of running… Strapless

Hint hint, it’s not actually an advert for strapless bras.. A very clever advert by the makers. Can you guess what it’s for before the end of the video?

4. The man that runs faster than a train

Now this one takes some skill, planning and a good bit of fitness. Watch as this guy runs from the train, out the station, along the streets, through the station, and back on to the same train. Awesome!

5. An awesome fancy dress costume

I so want one of these for hallow’een (though it may be quite common at that point, but great none the less)

6. The cattle auctioneer that should’ve gone into rap

Now I have almost no idea what this guy is saying. I’d be scared to put my hand up at this auction for fear of bidding thousands on a cow, who know’s what the bid is at? Who cares, this rapper (sorry auctioneer) is very entertaining.

7. The spider dog

On a dark night, if this came running towards you, it’d give me quite a fright. Well put together, whoever created this outfit.  Thought the dog might get a complex with everyone screaming and running away from it.

8. Unbelievable wingsuit base jump

There’s few things truly life threatening than what this man does, but he makes it look so amazing, you really do want to give it a go.  Imagine being able to (As buzz lightyear says) “fall with style” like this.

9. An even more unbelievable cycling in Skye, Scotland

Question 1. How on earth did Danny Macaskill get his bike up there. Find out in this video. A breathtaking challenge, and fantastic skill by Danny as he takes on the mountain and wins. Fantastic footage and a big inspiriation.

10. This baby who can’t quite get his head around identical twins

To finish on a funny one, check out this baby who just cant get his head around the fact that two identical twin babies are either side of him. Smart enough to know they’re the same, but just shy of really putting his finger on how there can be 2 of them.

Hope you’ve had a great year, and if you’ve any great vids you’ve found this year, let us know.

All the best for 2015