Jokes that are good because they are so awful

Jokes that are good because they are so awful

With Christmas just behind us, there’s tonnes of good (bad) jokes out there.  I say that they are both good and bad because they make you cringe so much that they are actually funny.  Let’s be honest, who didn’t read out a joke from a cracker and give even a slight snigger?

Here’s a few of our favourites, but do feel free to get involved and let us know your favourite (or worst) joke too…

1. How to keep a drink safe

A man walks into a bar and orders a drink, then discovers he has to go to the bathroom. To stop anyone stealing his drink he puts a note on it saying, ‘I spat in this beer.’ When he returns he finds another note saying, ‘So did I!

4 beers cocktail class

2. The considerate pub-goer

A man walks into a bar with a lump of tarmac under his arm. ‘What would you like?’ asks the barman. The man replies, ‘A pint of beer and one for the road.

Beers on the street cocktail class

3. The thirsty penguin

A penguin walks into a bar, goes to the counter and says to the barman, ‘Have you seen my brother?’ The barman says, ‘I don’t know. What does he look like?

Drinking penguin cocktail making

4. Almost a happy accident for this guy (but not quite)

A dyslexic man walks into a bra…

Man and a bra cocktail classes

5. Who’s ready for main course?

Two men were fighting at the bar. One threw a prawn cocktail.”And thats just for starters”, he said

6. Owls playing pool? How does that work?

Two owls playing a game of pool – one touches a ball with his feather – the other says “Two hits” the other says “Two hits to who”

Owl teaching cocktail making class

7. An oldie but a goodie

Two men walk into a bar… you would have thought one of them would have spotted it.

goggle eyes cocktail making

8. Who would bring that to a pub?

A man walks into a bar with a bag, he sits down and puts the bag on the floor, the barman says “sorry you can”t leave that lyin there”, the man replies “it’s not a lion it’s a bag”

Lion cocktail class

9. How tempted would you be to do this?

An old man came up to me at the cash machine and asked me to help him check his balance … so I pushed him over.

Slip n fall cocktail class

10. And one for Christmas

Who is Santa’s favourite singer? Elf-is

Elf singing cocktail making

So there we have it. If you’ve any favourites that we just need to share, do let us know here on on Facebook. Have a great time.