Best Cocktail Masterclasses in London

Best Cocktail Masterclasses in London

It used to be that when you went to a bar the drinks were simple. The types of beer that you could choose from were limited and the spirits were served either straight, with ice or with a simple mixer.

These days when you go into a bar in the centre of London you are met with a menu of drinks that would put any food menu in any restaurant to shame.

The era of the cocktail has arrived

London is not only the capital of the UK it is a cocktail capital of the UK.

Not only can you get the bartender to make you a delicious cocktail but no with the onset of cocktail masterclasses in the centre of London you can also make your cocktails. Would you believe it! It is getting a bit like the supermarkets where you get the product yourself, check out without the assistance of a staff member, then pack it into a bag yourself too.

bartender making cocktailsCocktail making classes aren’t quite like that. When you attend a cocktail class and one of the classic venues in London you do get to make your own cocktails but it is all part of a fun night.

We have put together some of the best party bars in London. It is a world away from the supermarkets and self-service outlets that we all love to hate. During the cocktail masterclass will be waited upon hand and foot by the excellent bartending staff. You will have a dedicated bartender who will tell you a little bit of history regarding the cocktails you are making. He or sheline of cocktails cocktail making will then show you how to make the perfect cocktail.

During the class they will be a lot of fun and frivolity. There will be laughter and tears (of laughter). The cocktail making games you will play have been designed to give you the best experience for your night out. And the cocktails you make under the supervision of the expert mixologist will be absolutely delightful.

You will learn when to mix and shake behind the bar like a real professional bartender. Our classes are a great balance between learning a bit about the cocktails you are making and fun. They are ideal for just about any occasion from hen parties to birthday celebrations.

You will learn the basics about when to use ice and how much to use. Your bartender will show you the correct type of glass to use for the perfect mojito and the cocktails to put into a Collins glass. Should a Martini be shaken or stirred? Have you ever wondered why some cocktails are served in a glass with a straw and some have no straw? These are the kind of things you will learn from the experts.

You and the rest of your group will be guided through this cocktail making experience with a hands-on approach. If you have never been behind a top class cocktail bar then this is your chance to be a bartender for a few hours.make cocktails

We offer cocktail classes at discounted prices in many of the bars we book for you. Some of the classes are less expensive booing through us that even booking directly with the bar. Yes that’s right. Because we book so many cocktail classes we receive a discount from the bar and we pass it straight onto you. So if you are looking for a cocktail making class in Revolution Bars or Tiger Tiger, or want to get behind the bar in Be at One or The Jewel Piccadilly, then get in touch.

We have over 60 unique bars to choose from in London and cocktail making packages to match. We will help you book your bespoke cocktail class and can alter the classes to suit your needs. We have party bars and nightclubs where you can show off your skills as well as sophisticated upscale cocktail bars in the centre of the city. Try one of the hotels that we offer and take a leisurely sip of the classic cocktails your bartender will show you how to make.