Give up on alcohol

Give up on alcohol

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Listening to talk radio station 5 live the other day, I had an interview about what people were giving up for January. I suppose it was a kind of New Year’s resolution type thing.

I hadn’t really thought about giving up something for just a short while. I always thought of New Year’s resolutions as making a lifestyle change and for it to be something you did long-term.

However it seems that there are a lot of people who give up drinking alcohol for the month of January. This does sound a good idea as it gives your liver a bit of a rest and your body detox too.

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But if your favourite tipple is a cocktail then there is no need to worry. You can join in this “give alcohol up for a month” and still enjoy a cocktail or two.

How can that be? I hear you ask.

Well to be honest with you some people give up alcohol for the evening even when they go out with friends to a cocktail bar. For example they may be the dedicated driver for the evening. Or maybe an medication and can drink for a week two. There may even be some people who are pregnant and have given up drink until the baby is born. All of these reasons for not drinking are very sensible and we totally endorse this happening in the circumstances. But just because you have given up drinking for whatever reason definitely doesn’t mean that you have to give up on a fun night out.

A really popular activity these days when people are celebrating hen parties or birthdays or even at night out with workmates, is a cocktail making class. Now as you can imagine you don’t want to go to a cocktail class if you’re not drinking alcohol. But here’s the thing! When you attend a cocktail making class and do not drinking alcohol then you can join in and make, shake and drink mocktails.

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Yes that’s correct, many people are joining in cocktail lessons just like old friends acceptable make mocktails instead of cocktails. These are delicious drinks made exactly the same way and with just as much dedication into making them as cocktails except there are no alcohol mixed in.

So the next time you are thinking about giving up alcohol for whatever reason you can make sure you still don’t miss out on the fun of cocktail making.