New year, new you

New year, new you

New Year cocktail makingWell it’s the 1st of January, and how many of us woke up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed? I suppose the easier question is; who among you had an awesome celebration last night?

For all of you that saw the London 2015 fireworks show, then maybe this will bring back some fun memories

but after the fireworks, the parties that move into the clubs, flats, houses and with more friends… this is really when the new year celebrations begins.  What I’m hoping is that your plans and expectations didn’t turn from party hard to this…

Party sleep cocktail class

If there was an unfortunate fellow in your group that ended the night early in this fashion, then I hope you were gentle with them.  It’s so tempting to draw on their face, shave and eye brow, or even worse, but I’m hoping that all you cocktail lovers, will still be partying till the wee hours.

So whether you were in a nightclub raving away, or a house party chilled and making your own drinks, I’m hoping that you were shaking up some of your favourite cocktails.  Don’t forget that we’ve got a stash of all our favourite cocktail recipes here where you’ll find some ideas for hair of the dog (which some believe is the best cure for a hangover)  cocktails like the red eye and bloody mary, but always try to drink a decent amount of water to rehydrate (if possible during the night, or before you go to sleep).smiling cocktail women

So now that the main celebration is behind us, what are you planning do to with the year?  A lot of you will be looking to hit the gym, eat healthy, travel more, and have more fun. Well that’s a great coincidence, that’s what we provide… a whole ton of fun.  So this year, grab some mates, and organise a date to meet up and leave the rest to us.

A cocktail masterclass is the perfect way to pull everyone together for a night of fun, cocktails, usually food, and a great night out.

Maybe it’s your friends wedding in the summer (we all love a summer wedding), and you’ll need a great activity to start the hen party off right. You know where it’s at, and we’ll be on the phone ready to book you in, with the best prices and choice of venues across the entire country, we’ll find the best venue to suit you and your group.

Whatever you decide to do with your year, make it a good one, full of great times, great friends and cocktails.  Remember, it’s just the beginning of the year, but these’s lots you can fit before 2016.It's just the beginning cocktail classes