Should Mum be at your Hen Party?

Should Mum be at your Hen Party?

cocktail making classes women limoIt’s tough enough to organise the best hen party, with what to do, where to go, what budget to set (and does everyone coming to the event cover the cost of the hen?).  But a very important question is… Should the hens mum be there?

I suppose the short answer is… it depends on what you’re planning to do.

So first you may want to think of the full guest list.

Will this be a small intimate hen do, making it very personal, or are you inviting everyone?  A larger group, means that more is possible, as costs such as rented accommodation, or covering the hen are shared between more people. However, more people, usually means the organiser needs to be more organised. Chasing up money from everyone, making decisions, and setting deadlines are harder when there’s more people involved.

But it depends what the bride-to-be wants. Does she want her hen party to be a small or a large group. It really just depends what she wants for the perfect size of the group. So the big question is, would the hens mum fit in with the crowd?

Next you want to decide where you’re going and what you’re doing.

This can vary from going abroad, or renting a house in the country, to just staying in your home town. Going back to the hen party size, this may dictate where you decide to go.

Then the fun stuff… what to do on a hen party

This can vary again, depending on budget and group size.  There are simple inexpensive events you can do in your house, as everyone loves a house party. Of course when you do this, you’ll need to serve cocktails and play games. You may even hire in some bartenders or some more risqué topless waiters (or even strippers).

Or going out to pubs, clubs or even abroad. All consideration falls back to who you invite, what the budget is and should mum be there?

The final say

Basically you need to ask yourself a few questions…

1. What does the hen want to do?

2. How many people would the hen like at the event?

3. Does the hen want it to be full of fun, and sexy shenanigans?

4. Would the hen want her mum to see her in that position?

5. Lastly, would her mother be up for it, and get involved with whatever’s going on?

Then it’s just a case of enjoying it