How to Organise a Great Party

How to Organise a Great Party

So you want to host a cocktail party, invite all your good pals, and you need the night to by fun, and stress free, is that it?  Right! well you’ve come to the right place.  We’re about to give you a list of what to prepare, what to think about, and what’s not needed when organising a house party.

Here’s a list of what you need to think about when organising a party

  • What kind of party do you want?
  • Set a date (and time)
  • Who to invite
  • Where to hold the party
  • Think about entertainment
  • Invites sent out
  • Think about catering
  • Think about music
  • Get stocked up
  • Hide all the breakables (this depends on how well you know your friends)
  • Enjoy the party!!

First you need to know what kind of party you wantcocktail women limo

Is this for a hen party and want to have all sorts of shenanigans going on, or is this a formal evening for polite conversation (or anywhere in between).  This is the 1st thing to have clear in your head before going any further.

Set a date for the party

If you’re doing it for a special event, such as a birthday or Christmas, this one is pretty much a no brainer, there’s a 2 week window to host the party, but you still need a solid date.  If you’re planning a hen party for a bride who’s wedding is over a year away, then you’ve plenty of time to think about it, and choose the best time. Things to consider

  • For a summer party ask; are there school teachers in your group? Do they have kids? Will people be on holiday?
  • For a winter party think; do people go abroad to see family at this time
  • Will this be at the weekend, and start in the afternoon, or weekday in the evening (or even a full weekend of partying)

Who to invitehen party women

This may seem obvious, but think again, do all your guests have a partner, do any of them have kids? will they be coming along, or is it strict numbers as you’re going to be cooking a meal?

Plan out who you want there, and see who knows who. Is there any friend of a friend that should be invited too?

Where are you going to hold the party?

Again, this one comes back to what kind of party it will be. If it’s a hen weekend, you may look to rent somewhere or get a hotel, or simply in your house.  Either way, you need to know where to invite people to (and be willing to take the consequences if you have people round to your house)

Think about entertainment

Every party works great with a focal point, will it be a dinner party, where that takes centre stage, will it some teambuilding games, have a close up magician there, or a cocktail bar? (I know which one I’d go for…) Whatever you opt for, have a think about what you’d want to do at the party.

Get the invites sent out

Right, so you’ve got the when, where, who, and what you’ll be doing.  Now what you need to do is let everyone know.  In today’s technology world there are loads of ways of getting everyone in on the invite through social media and other apps.  Whatever way you choose to contact everyone, get in touch and have a way of keeping track who is coming or not.

What about catering?Cocktail making class bartender

Most parties need some form of catering, whether it’s just crisps, a finger buffet bought in, some simple things heated up in the oven, through to the full on personal chef who will come to your house and prepare everything needed.  Food is always important.

Then there’s the drink.  Will you stock up on wine, champagne and all the spirits? Don’t forget the mixers and ice too. Depending on the size and style of your party, it may be best to opt for disposable glass ware and plates (you get some really good quality stuff these days

What kind of music will you want?

Will you be dancing on the tables or, want something that helps with conversation? It all needs thought about. Playing it by ear on the night can leave you playing something embarrassing if you think “I’ll just stick my mp3 player on shuffle, I only have good stuff on there” Sods law states, that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  Don’t be the one in the limelight when a random track from your childhood starts blaring out of the speakers and everyone turns to look at you quizzically.

Get stocked upBack bar bottles cocktail making

So by now you know what’s happening with the food, drink and entertainment. Now it’s time to make a list of the things that you’ve not outsourced to catering companies, entertainmen folk, or people like us who would bring all the cocktail goodies to you. Make a list and go through it all to make sure you don’t miss anything. No one wants to be running around with only an hour to go looking for balloons or a banner when you’ve still to do your hair.

Hide the breakables

If you’ve opted to have the party in your house, a rented apartment or hotel, it can be good practice to hide anything that you wouldn’t want to see broken.  Even in civilised parties, squeezing past people can knock ornaments off shelves and it’s hard to blame anyone when it’s that busy. Best avoid any situation and remove the possibility.

Enjoy the partywomen making cocktails

Time to relax, get ready and enjoy the party. you’ve thought of everything and all that’s left is people turn up and have a great time.

Well done you, now go and enjoy a good old knees up