Simple Boas and Playboy Bunnies – What’s the Theme of Your Hen Party?

Simple Boas and Playboy Bunnies – What’s the Theme of Your Hen Party?

A hen weekend ought to be fun, right? Of course, it has to have a theme as well. Plus, who wouldn’t love a personal touch, which can make this event truly memorable? Depending on where and with whom you are celebrating, you can arrange for a theme in any form, and it can be as elaborate or elegant as you want. Let’s look over some ideas that can help you do that.

The Retro Eighties

With the fashion styles literally screaming extreme, this is the best decade for chicks who love dressing up! Crazy colours, brassy jewellery, and a big frizzy hairdo can allow anyone to nail that eighties look.

A jump suit or a skin-tight dress can be allowed as long as they are adorned in glittery sequins. For  authenticity – not to forget fits of laughter – add high heels, several bracelets, big bands, and luminous leg warmers to match. But of course nothing beats the sexiness of miniskirts and shiny black, thigh high boots. Still short of ideas? Watch Fame and Dirty Dancing for inspiration and you’ll be ready to go out and have a blast doing karaoke or hanging out at the bowling alley.

The Masquerade Theme

This a unique idea to bring to your hen party. But who can resist the chance to dress in stunning ball gowns and wear their own decorative mask? Given its history, it’s safe to say that the theme implies ultimate luxury. Make sure to take it a step further with your ‘chicks’ and use the masked look for some mischievous acts (wink, wink) when having your afternoon tea together!woman in mask web

Sure, not everyone owns wonderful-looking full-length party gowns. If they are unable to dig out a perfect party frock, the local second hand clothing store can offer heaps of options. Remember, the older the dress is, the better. No need to spend a fortune on masks either. Create your own to bring a unique look to your outfit.

Sail-(a)brate In Nautical Style

It does not matter whether you are 18 or 40, everybody loves a nautical theme. This is one reason why it’s such a popular theme (others include Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton) and you may as well give it a shot yourself, in your own “naughty-cal” way.

A hen party outfit for this theme should certainly sport stripes. Be extra cheeky by donning high stockings, a captain’s hat, and silk bows before you all embark on a cruise or a party boat.

Themes are an awesome way to enhance your experience. Don’t worry about other extravagances to complete it with. A little creativity and a couple of cocktail making classes are enough to surprise your guests with a pre-dinner cocktail party!