Hen Party Etiquette You Never Knew Existed

Hen Party Etiquette You Never Knew Existed

Many believe that arranging a hen party is the simplest thing ever. That is, until they are part of one and know for sure that it can potentially turn out to be a nightmarish experience. No offence ladies, but getting a group of girls to agree on a single thing is NOT easy.

hen party women in a line making cocktailsSo whether you are the sister or a best friend, as a maid of honors, arranging the event on behalf of the bride can turn out to be tricky. You want it to be perfect for her. Not to say thereíd be a few nods of approval and appreciative glances at your corner too. Just remember that as an organizer you need to take care of everything, including essentials of when and where to host, who to invite, considering catering or spinning up cocktails, worrying about entertainment and activities you need to make it a success.

Somewhere along this, you tend to forget that the occasion is ALL about the bride!

This is a basic rule. Itís her time and so everything from the wardrobe to drink rules should reflect that and not personal favorites of those closest to her. While planning for the hen party, keep the bride at the centre of your decisions all the time and decide on points like where to go, what to do, etc around her. A happy hen weekend is when the bride-to-be is happy and that is possible only when the hen party ideas resonate with her personality and sheís comfortable and enjoying it.

Cocktail Making masterclass bartenderYou may follow tradition and arrange it by consulting with the bride first, particularly if the she is the type who plans everything in advance. Nothing in the book says that you have to tell them everything, but informing them about the date, where itís going to start, the names of the guestís whoíve RSVPd can suffice.

But you can certainly make the party more fun by giving her a surprise. True itís an opportunity for everyone present to have fun with the bride but itís not just another night out so itís better to give a personal touch. You can do this by incorporating photos of her, with or without the girls, by including messages whether in a keepsake book or printed on cupcakes, and by doing an activity she loves. These are but some of the little, inexpensive ideas which can make the day special. If your girl is spontaneous and fun-loving, donít be afraid to think outside the box.

In the end just remember that it is the brideís night. Having fun is all well and good but making sure she remains the centre of attention will be vital. Itís her big day after all!