How to be the bartender and still enjoy the party

How to be the bartender and still enjoy the party

If you’ve been on one of our cocktail masterclasses you’ll be pretty fluent in the art of cocktail making. So when you or one of your friends says to have a cocktail party at the house, make sure you don’t end up playing bartender all night.cocktail shaker woman

In the run up to their party , to get organised, you help prepare the list of ingredients, you make sure you’ve got all the equipment and disposable glasses (much better as you won’t break your finest china) you’ve made sure that ice will be plentiful, all in preparation for the cocktail party at your friend’s house… then they say, “hey, you know what you’re doing, you can make cocktails can’t you?” To which you reply, “of course” thinking you’ll just make a couple at the start, and then go on to enjoy your night. Uh uh. That won’t be the case, if you know what you’re doing, your pals will pull you back again and again to make that “famous” cocktail you make so well.

On one hand, congratulation on being such a great bartender (especially after having a few yourself… we assume), but on the other, your success is your downfall. They’ll all want your cocktail again and again.

Be prepared

Be prepared with a cocktail pitcher, or even more party like, a punch bowl or cocktail fountain. Maybe even have some jelly shots in the fridge ready to pull out when everyone’s least expecting it.  This will help you to enjoy the night, your cocktail, your friends and the free-flowing chat, safe in the knowledge that your pals are impressed and satisfied of your cocktail skills (without dragging you back to the bar all night)

Well done to you, and rule number one… don’t forget to enjoy your cocktail parties. (Remember you can always just hire in cocktail bartenders to really make it easy)

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