Hen party rules

Hen party rules

Itís a truth universally acknowledged that a girl ready to tie the knot would be honoured with a hen party. So, you want to give her a happy night but will be reluctant about the rules. But know that where some rules are put into practice for good reason, others are meant to be broken to make the hen party an ultimate success.

Rule #1: Keep it to Yourself

See there is one golden rule you need to abide by. Donít be a tattletale and spoil everything by telling every other person the little details of your hen party. Itís the first rule of any hen night: you donít divulge. Remember, what happens there has to stay there.

P.S. This means no tweeting or updating of Facebook status too, especially with the pictures. Make sure everyone understands that they are not to make a documentary of everything Ė or upload it on social media Ė thatís been planned for or unintentionally happens at the hen party.

Rule #2: No games about ex-boyfriends

Read it as no discussions that involve the henís ex-boyfriends. As you play the Hen Party Games planned for the night, including the notorious truth-and-dare session, youíve got to overcome the urge of talking about the henís funny one-night stand incident she told you about, especially if the mother and in-laws have been invited as well.

Rule #3: No crazy plans

By all mean, throw yourself into the hen-night spirit. When else would you dare to return with a pair of menís pants, for instance, right? But just do it the right way.

Rule #4: Thereís a limit to the hen-party frolics

As much as youíd like to take and dedicate a whole week to celebrate the hen party, thatís not going to make it more festive. There are times when people get bored out of weekend trips; imagine what theyíll feel packing for a spa trip, a Mediterranean mini-break, a swanky club visit, etc. Not to say thatís going to cost some real money out of your pockets.

Other Rules to Follow

  1. Stop expecting a classy bar if you catch a whiff of latex and see the bride-to-be dressed in a condom-covered veil
  2. Hire a male stripper; just donít allow photography as hen and chicks alike appreciate the performance.
  3. Gift the bride-to-be a bag of vibrating goodies.
  4. Leave the L-plates at home and check in for pole-dancing classes.
  5. Cocktails are the epitome of hen party but switching early would leave you curled up in the back of the limo only or worse telling the bride-to-be that sheís marrying ďan ugly loserĒ. Better yet, take cocktail lesions and enjoy making it yourself.
  6. (Note: donít let a drunken hen out of your sight.)
  7. Ask the hen casually to stop texting the groom on the hen night if you discover her doing so.