Home or Away Hen Party?

Home or Away Hen Party?

Why You Might Prefer a Home to an Away Hen Party

Surprisingly, a stay-at-home hen party is becoming a popular alternative for some people. Whether it’s the headache of organising people as well as flights, accommodation and of course budgets when there’s a wedding round the corner, everyone has their reasons for at least considering a hen party at home over a full on weekend away.

So let us walk you through some of the reasons to consider one. Welcome to our hen party, wont you join us?

House Party Welcome Cocktail


Since a wedding celebration is never complete without a hen party, there’s no way you can miss out on throwing one.  A huge, girly get-together at home can easily become the perfect choice. It can be a wild and outrageous event or it can reflect your sensible and sophisticated side.  The choice is entirely yours.

There’s no place like home.

House Party cocktail class

There’s nowhere else that you can let your hair down and put on such a tailored, flexible hen party as you can at your home. Themes and accessories?  You can have it all without asking for permission. You can stay up as late as you want without having to worry about closing times or at least risk losing your things/gift bags when the night ends! And taxi’s! forget about it. You shouldn’t need to wander the cold streets in the small hours of the morning looking for a taxi. If you’re not staying over, I’m sure you’ll be allowed to wait inside for the taxi to pick you up.

It’s cheaper than most.

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Now who doesn’t like that? For instance, you may consider a spa treat — every girl loves it — but why pay the exorbitant rates? Everyone can bring nail varnishes, face masks, lotions, and a couple of candles (for ambience) for the occasion. It’s fun and who knows, you might pick up a few tips from your friends as well.

Making it Special

You wanted a unique hen party?  Well here’s a few ideas to really sway you towards making a unique hen party at home.


Cake buffet hen party cocktail class

Who doesn’t love cake? No bride ever cooks for her own hen night. Period. If you and the bridesmaids don’t want to prepare a home-cooked meal, there’s always takeaway or even an outside caterer.  It’s totally up to you, whether it’s a quick bite to keep everyone happy or a full on buffet or meal. Just make sure that you have got the food appropriate to the activity. A sticky bun, or a chocolate fountain, for instance, would maybe not gel well with your guests if they’re busy getting their manicures.


House Party cocktail Pitchers

As for the drinks, cocktails are definitely a hen favourite. Since they are so easy to make and you can always have a cocktail making class at home, we think this is certainly one way you can make your party different. Make a game out of it; host a cocktail mixing competition and the chicks can even name the drinks in honour of the hen!  No party is complete without cocktail pitchers set up, so that the whole night is easy, and the drinks can keep flowing.  It’s a good idea to be prepared, and get each person to bring a bottle, so write up a list of what spirits and mixers you need, and everyone bring one.  You’ll have a well stocked bar all night. Happy days!

Theme, Decor, & Costumes

Carnival Dress up Hen Party

Themes are great fun, and can be used in all aspects of the party.  Say you go for a masquerade theme, you could have some real fun with the decorations and music, or will do go for a pirate theme and have buried treasure throughout the garden? A theme can always add a magical touch.  Just remember to pick a theme everyone is comfortable with (or do feel free to push the boundaries – especially when it comes to embarrasing the hen)

Have we convinced you yet?

So remember, you can improvise with what you have or buy in what you need.  Tell everyone the theme in advance so they can come up with their own costumes. But it wouldn’t hurt to have a few extra props at your place too.  It all comes down to being prepared.  If you go for a hen party out on the town, you can always get another drink… but if you have a hen party at home and the wine runs out… that’s an unwanted trip to the shops needed, so think of everything before hand and it’ll go amazingly.  All you need is some inspiration from the hen, and then your imagination can take that in any direction you want.