Your Hen Party Checklist

Your Hen Party Checklist

The Do’s

There’s something looming ahead of the day of your friend’s nuptials, a day or days for which you’d be using your spare cash and annual leave days. That’s right, it’s the bank-busting hen party you’d planned for, complete with cocktail classes, burlesque lessons, and a wacky wardrobe to suit the occasion. Is that right or is there something you’ve done wrong that can put a damper on things? Let’s find out.

People with cocktails in bar or clubOrganize in advance and comprehensively, particularly if you are planning the event at a venue other than your own home and have a large group to accommodate. Set the date as early as possible. It would also ensure that you don’t miss out on any essentials in your excitement besides ensuring that not too much is crammed in a single day.

Make this about the hen. There’s no harm in asking the bride what she’d actually like to do on the weekend if you don’t have a hang of these things or are worried that she may not like it. You want to keep her happy with all aspects of the party. It’s her celebration so whether she prefers dancing the night away or pampering day at the spa, you need to make it happen!

Besides the main girl, you’d have to be careful about the other attendants. Is her mother in law invited or the groom himself? Ensure the night is as comfortable and open to everyone. You can either arrange separately for the different categories of the guests or you may want to consider setting aside a time for the young, old, or reserved people invited. As a rule, organize it on a neutral ground. You can always continue with your naughtier plans once they leave.

women making cocktailsCheck out wedding blogs and Pinterest for great inspirations regarding the little details that make one hen party different from another. Do you want the chicks to have party outfits? Is there a particular theme? Will you offer hen party survival packs? The sky’s the limit to what you can do to make the party the talk of the town for years!

Have an idea of what among the planning is affordable within everyone’s budgets. Do your research and find the lowest figure that everyone is willing to pay for and then work your plan accordingly. Avoid embarrassment or resentments later by informing them beforehand of the bigger expenses and you can even ask them to pay it upfront than bugging them later.

The above mentioned tips and tricks will go a long way to make your hen party an event the bride and attendants will not forget! Read on to find out the don’ts you need to avoid in the next blog.

The Don’ts

So, you’ve had the products, the activities and games all set out accordingly to give the bride-to-be her “last hurrah”.

It’s not until the last moment that you can know for sure whether or not your hen party was a success, whether everything was ok or did someone at the party experience discomfort. You can stop hyperventilating and enjoy it by taking care of the following:

Cocktail making grils night outThe one thing that can spell disaster is planning the event within a week of the wedding. The bride will already be stressed out with dress fittings etc. You cannot blame her for using the ‘prep time’ to look as beautiful as she can on the big day itself. Besides, there ought to be a time to recover too.

Deal with finances in front of the bride and you can wave good-bye to all the happiness and smiles it had brought her. Ideally, everyone – excluding the bride – who’s part of the hen night has to contribute to cover the expenses including transport, accommodation, catering, gifts, etc.

Since it’s the bride’s day, nothing from the planned activities to the guests invited should be about making her uncomfortable. Additionally, inviting people for the sake of it may complicate the event and in most cases turn out to be a nightmare for everyone.

Sure you want to make it one of the best times she’s had, but limit yourselves to visiting just the 2-3 prime spots that everyone can enjoy. This may also save you from leaving anyone behind accidentally. Plus you get to actually enjoy whatever you are doing instead of merely visiting a place.

group at hen party cocktail making classesConsider getting little tokens for each guest as something ‘extra’. Everybody loves gifts and reminders of a brilliant time together with friends. They can be silly and fun but nothing the bride will dislike.

Selfies and social networking is a common thing. While photos make great keepsakes, as an organizer you have to make sure that no one among the party is posting any awkward pictures anywhere. You don’t want pictures of the drunk bride plastered on social media do you?

Yet another worse thing is to have a false assumption that everything’s going to work out. Even if you’ve booked everything, you should check at least thrice before embarking on the journey. There’s no greater disappointment than not knowing the exact time of the meal, of the hen activities, and of other details.

A final note of caution is to not let the hen get too carried away despite the fact that the weekend’s or evening’s in her honour. Don’t let things get out of hand. Keep her in your sights and get her back home safely. Remember to book your cocktail masterclass now