Spice up your masterclass with some Salsa!

Spice up your masterclass with some Salsa!

cocktail masterclass & salsa dance class package

We know you love making cocktails, and there’s nothing better than getting you behind the bar to mix things up, but we’ve recently added a fantastic addition to a few of our venues across the country. Salsa Dance classes! What could be better? No longer will you need to choose between a cocktail masterclass and a salsa dance class, you can have both. So get your dancing shoes on (maybe not quite the outfit of this lady.. unless you want to) and get involved. It’s so much fun.

We’re happy to offer these packages in Cardiff, Derby, Manchester, Norwich, Sheffield and London (in Soho) from just £40 per person.

cocktail masterclass and salsa dance class package

Have you ever been to the land of Salsa, and felt the passion of the dance?  It’s incredible.  So much movement, excitement and of course fun.  Alongside your cocktail class (which in itself is a fantastic day out) having the opportunity to spin, kick and give your best moves like the “around the world” the “matador” or the “back and slide”. You’ll be a pro in no time.  These fun dance classes are perfect if you’re getting a hen party or birthday together, and will really liven things up!

Think you could give Matt and Flavia a run for their money? Well you’ve got to start somewhere, and at one of our cocktail making and salsa classes, you’ll get the solid foundation to springboard to a great time.  Check out what’s possible if you really commit to dancing. How amazing does this look?