Ideas for the Perfect Hen Party

Ideas for the Perfect Hen Party

hen party women in a line making cocktails

Gone are the days when hen nights only included drunken debauchery, the classic strip club visit, or good old fashioned female bonding (that would end up with the bride having second thoughts and two bridesmaids drinking over memories of old flames).

There are now a multitude of options to ensure your Hen is treated to the most memorable of nights before she takes the plunge with her nuptials.

Here are some top ideas to give the bride-to-be the perfect hen party:



Most hen parties rarely stay indoors. The culture is changing and many people are shifting towards the prospect of taking on the great outdoors as part of a memorable hen weekend.

You could go to the beach if you’re lucky enough to stay near the coast, or try skydiving for the first time in your life, or tackle a roller-coaster at one of the great theme parks across the UK. There are also some great water sport centres opening up around the country if you fancy squeezing into a wetsuit. These are great activities for the adrenaline fuelled hen party.

Fancy keeping your feet on the ground? Why not try…

Cocktail Making

cocktail making classes

Love a well shaken cocktail? Well you can’t go wrong with a cocktail making session. This activity is super fun, fully interactive and will give you loads of great memories. Enjoy food, drinks, games, dancing and more… all included! It may well be the perfect way to kick things off before a night of dancing.

Highly skilled mixologists will take you through the ins and outs of making the perfect cocktail, before turning you loose to try your hand at your own concoction. With prizes for the best (and worst) efforts, not to mention the countless photo opportunities, a cocktail making hen party is always a winner!

Prefer a Merlot to a Mojito? You can always try…

Wine Tasting 

red wine close up

If you and your hens enjoy a fine wine then an elegant wine tasting party might be the one for you. A number of companies will come to you so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home or rented accommodation. This type of party is a lot more chilled out than the rest but equally enjoyable. It makes for the ideal break between the outdoor activities and a night on the tiles, and is also the perfect accompaniment to a nice dinner.

So what about dessert? It’s time for…

Chocolate Making 

Chocolate Truffles MyCocktailMasterclass

This is a fun way to break up the day, and satisfy the sweet tooth. Roll up the sleeves (and temporarily remove the engagement ring!) and get stuck into a chocolate making workshop. As with the cocktail making, there’s an opportunity to learn and try something a little bit different, safe in the knowledge that you get to sample your handiwork at the end of activity.

Worried about those extra calories from the chocolate? Well there’s always…


concert crowd cocktail class

There really is no better way to cap the night off than slipping on your dancing shoes and showing off your best moves. Hit your favourite club and just dance the night away with all of your closest friends. You should always try to book a booth or VIP area in advance, as some nightclubs (and bouncers) aren’t huge fans of tiaras and L plates.


Why are you still stuck reading this? Shouldn’t you be on your way to planning the best Hen Night ever?

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