Manchester: City in the spotlight

Manchester: City in the spotlight

Manchester's Big Wheel
Manchester could quite easily be described as London’s little sister – smaller but equally as cool. With a rich cultural and industrial heritage, it’s the birthplace of the ‘Madchester’ sound, which defined 80s and 90s youth culture and formed bands like The Stone Roses, New Order and The Happy Mondays. Music lovers will enjoy the bus tour led by Inspiral Carpets drummer Craig Gill, whisking you through the history and hotspots of your favourite Manchester bands.

As if it didn’t already have enough going for it, the shopping and nightlife in Manchester is phenomenal. Here at My Cocktail Masterclass, we’re all about the best nights out in the UK, and Manchester guarantees a memorable one with plenty of impeccable bars and delicious cocktails. Here are just a few of our favourites…


One for All and All for One

Whether you consider yourself classic, theatrical or experimental- there’s a cocktail at Elixir Tonics & Treats to suit everyone. A hidden gem located on the Deansgate, the welcoming staff here have created a cosy paradise- with equally great music.

You Have to Try: a ‘Femme Fatale’. A seductive drink garnished with a pear and lemon chocolate masquerade.

Jaffa, Shaken by Lee-yoshi, on Flickr
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For the Lover of Luxury

Based in the opulent Midland Hotel building, Mr Cooper’s House & Garden is one of the most chic cocktail bars in Manchester. Simon Rogan’s signature cocktails provide a stunning blend of flavours and the surroundings are incredible too.
For an upmarket night out, a drink or two at Mr Cooper’s House & Garden is a must.

You Have to Try: ‘Mrs C’s Wonderful Bellini’- but you’ll have to ask for her secret recipe.


The Northern Quarter of Good Times

Known for being the most vibrant neighbourhood in the city- the Northern Quarter is the place to be, and be seen. It happens to be the home of our favourite Manchester cocktail bar Apotheca. With a relaxed, warm atmosphere the master mixologists at Apotheca are extremely inventive and will create drinks to your taste.

You Have to Try: ‘Enter the Dragon’- an award winning cocktail featuring chilli, lychee liqueur and green tea to name but a few of the ingredients.


For High Flyers

Located at the highest point in the city, Cloud 23 is set in the heights of Beetham Tower. With floor-to-ceiling windows you can sip an extravagant cocktail while taking in those stunning views. With a trendy vibe and a team dedicated to creating you the perfect drink – whether that be a ‘cloud 23 lemonade’ or a berry and butterscotch infused ‘bittersweet symphony’ – this is one you don’t want to miss.


Mix up your night in Manchester

For something completely different, why not book a cocktail making class in Manchester and experience the city’s legendary nightlife first hand. Find out more here.