Top 5 Hen Party Games

Top 5 Hen Party Games

Hen Party Games - Funny Story Telling

No matter how sophisticated, no hen party is complete without some obligatory fun & games. It’s a great way to break the ice, get the celebrations started and keep the energy high. If you’ve been tasked with arranging a hen party, make sure you have a few of these tucked up your sleeve!


Truth or Dare

A game which has been around for centuries, and that has only gotten better with time- truth or dare is a hen party classic. If you’re not familiar, players are given the option of truth (where you’ll be tasked with answering a personal question) or dare (where you’ll be offered a challenge). Truth or dare works best with those who are comfortable around each other- perfect for you and your hens!

Tip: The cheekier the questions the better.

hen party game - who am I?


Banned Words

The premise of “Banned Words’ is simple: choose a few words that no-one in the party is allowed to use throughout the night, and if anyone uses any of those words they face a forfeit!

Tip: choose words your guests are likely to use such as groom or wedding- they are guaranteed to get caught out with these. We also recommend adding a few ‘curse words’ to your banned list.. prepare for laughter.

Hen Party Games - Banned Word


The Handbag Game

The perfect icebreaker, place a bag on the table and ask each girl to subtly drop a few items from their own bag into it. Ask another hen to pick an item out of the bag and whoever correctly guesses the most items is the winner!

Tip: The more random the items the harder the game will be.

Hen Party Handbag Game


Story Time

One of the easiest games there is- all you need is post it notes and memories of each other. Ask everyone to write down an interesting or unusual story onto a post it note whether that be about a disastrous date or a hilarious incident, and mix all the notes in a bowl. Have everyone pick a store to read aloud, with the rest of the party guessing who wrote it.. prepare for some revelations.

Tip: Play this game after a few cocktails and the stories may be that bit more interesting!

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Who am I?

This one always brings the giggles. Write down the name of a famous personality or someone everyone knows onto a post-it note. Stick the note onto one of the girls heads and have her guess the name with the help of 20 questions. However, the answer to each question can only be ‘yes’ or ‘no’.. it’s not as easy as it looks.

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