Cocktails in London

Cocktails in London

London from the Thames

Not sure what to drink when you’re out for cocktails in London? Well lucky for you, we’re on hand to suggest some of the cool and quirky concoctions the Capital has to offer!


Tea is no longer about the afternoons, it’s all about the evening now. Tea-themed cocktails are proving the chic drink of choice at the moment. Did you know that a shot of a spirit generally has about 40% abv? This happily works about as well as boiling water for dissolving the tea leaves, meaning that adding to a gin or vodka will make a natural infusion, which can then be enhanced as you wish. The Teajito at The Diner in Soho is leading the way, with many Mar-tea-nis following fast.



Lighten Up!

With the sunshine starting to show its face, it’s time to think fresh and fun. Following a lot of health kick charity campaigns it is also the season that’s marking a ‘stripping down’ of cocktails, losing the sugar and processed ingredients and returning to sharp hits of flavour and complex taste sensations, including bitter liqueurs to more than make up for a cloying sweetness.  Tanya’s Cafe in Chelsea serves 10 superfood cocktails to tickle your fancy including ‘filthy rich’- a nutty, chocolaty, berry flavoured guilt free delight!



Because You’re Sweet Enough

Taking things a step further is the interest in savoury cocktails, rather than the popular sweet. Over the past few years the Pickleback (a shot of good quality whiskey, mixed with a shot of brine) has been making its presence felt, and the trend is set to continue. Word is that high flavour, light vinegars are the chaser of choice, with Thai drinking vinegars set to be the new big thing. This is being attributed to our palettes being more used to the Asian flavours found in these drinks. The Duck & Waffle restaurant, located at the top of the Heron skyscraper at Bishopsgate serves a host of savoury cocktails from the sophisticated ‘Mind Your Peas & Q’s’ (pea compressed gin and tonic) to the crazy chocolate & blue cheese Martini!



Tequila Mockingbird No More

Meet Tequila’s younger brother, Mezcal. Being cheaper, with a distinct smoky taste which then turns into sweet agave.. the future looks bright for this spirit! El Nivel in Covent Garden is a restaurant and bar which specialises in Tequila and Mezcal among other spirits.  Try the Mezcal Fix- ‘QuiQuiRiQui’ Mezcal with roasted pineapple syrup, fresh lime, Cynar and a touch of salt.



Spoilt For Choice?

Don’t stress, London is full of bars serving both classic and creative cocktails- we should know, as we work with a range of different venues throughout the city. Why not make your own cocktails, a cocktail masterclass in London is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion! We can organise the whole event for you, so you can have an awesome day in the city and know your night of cocktail making will be even better! Get behind the bar in a venue of your choice and learn from our expert mixologists, from only £25pp you will have a night to remember!

Let’s get this party started, enquire online or contact us on 0330 660 0521.