What’s Your Other Half Up To For His Stag Do?

What’s Your Other Half Up To For His Stag Do?

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement. So you’ve spent hours planning your hen night, where you’ll undoubtedly consume countless glasses of wine wearing a fluffy, pink crown that sets you apart from the crowd.

But how will your other half celebrate his ‘last night of freedom?’ You trust that he won’t reinact The Hangover and marry a stripper with legs up to her neck – that goes without saying, but his best friends, erm… not so much.

Let’s face it, the attendees have to live up to a reputation of being the master of drinking games, and bleaching the stag’s eyebrows in his sleep.

His night might not be this adventurous and we probably have over-exaggerated, but in the event that he’s running low on ideas, we can help you plan his night too.

Contact us and find out what is involved in our Mini Beer Festival Package.

Here’s what’s involved in our deal…

Drinks and Food

The boys can explore a range of craft beers, cask ales, ciders and lagers in their very own personal beer festival.

alcohol for stag doEach person gets six beer tokens to exchange at the bar for a choice of any guest ales, ciders and craft beers. The expert bartenders will provide recommendations and advice on the characteristics of all of the drinks on offer, to really get the night going.

And once their stomachs have over-capacitated on alcohol, there is a wide range of bar food including chicken wings, or if he chooses to upgrade, there is the cheeseburger and chips option.

Perfect Environment

8100813791_ab3a30c42e_zThese beer fest events are available all round the country and all venues show live Sky Sport and BT sports, so they needn’t miss an important game. The package also includes a dedicated table or area so they can ‘party in peace’ without disrupting anyone elses’ night.

This is a great way to not worry about him staggering from pub to pub in an unfamiliar city. He can invite plenty of his friends and have everything he needs in one room – including a personal bartender.
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Make Your Stag Party Booking

You have two choices. One, you can make the booking for your other half, or two, he can make an enquiry directly.

If you’re based in any of these cities, we can find a suitable venue to cater your Stag night out:

Stag night in Epsom, Leeds, Plymouth, Middlesborough, Huddersfield, Oxford, Reading, Bristol, York, Durham, Liverpool, Glasgow or Lincoln.

Make it a night to remember (or not if you include the alcohol!) for both of you and have the best time you’ve had in a long time.