How To Fit In A Dress For Your Hen Party

How To Fit In A Dress For Your Hen Party

Calorie-free pizza still doesn’t exist, and burgers and chips still make you feel unhealthy and portly. Avoid party pig-outs without having to calorie-count and drool over someone else eating a piece of cake.

When people think of healthy food they envision a plate full of tasteless fruit and vegetables with no fulfillment. But there are probably plenty of foods you haven’t tried yet and would love (and your waistline would too!).

Here are a few ways to watch your figure and actually enjoy what’s in your mouth without leaving with an empty stomach.

Prepare The Food Yourself

Prepare your food yourself so it's healthierIt’s time-consuming but when you order a takeaway or eat a ready meal, you have no idea of the ingredients… unless you actually understand what hydropolixinyotuctide is (that’s a made up word by the way).

If your regular pizza has 3 cups of cheese in it, you’ll feel too guilty about adding in this amount if you make your own pizza… and voilą! you’ve saved yourself hundreds of calories. The same goes for all of your other guilty-pleasures. Don’t deprive yourself of them, but prepare the meals yourself.

Eat More

Eat foods that speed your metabolismYes more! Food is a necessity. We need the vitamins and nutrients in foods to keep us healthy, and also to boost our metabolism. The minute you go on a crash-diet you’re on the road to failure.

Not eating for hours is one of the worst things you can do when trying to lose weight (and keeping it off). Your body craves nutrients when you starve yourself for long periods at a time. Consequently, your body communicates this with you by craving sugar and fat. So by thinking you’ll lose weight if you don’t eat, you’ll only end up caving in to your cravings later.

Get in the routine of snacking every two hours. This has scientifically been proven to increase a person’s metabolism, thus helping them to burn fat at a quicker rate than those who spare hours before eating.

This isn’t, however, an excuse to open a family-sized packet of Doritos four times a day. What you put in your mouth highly affects the speed of your metabolism. Click here to see what foods fuel your body and taste delicious too.

Get More Sleep

Sleeping helps you lose weightThose who sleep more tend to not put on as much weight, because they aren’t eating late at night. If you are familiar with opening a tub of ice-cream at 9pm, you’re more likely to put on weight. This is because you won’t be exercising or moving around before going to bed, than if it were daytime when you could go for a walk.

If you go to bed sooner, you’re less likely to eat as much in a total day because you’ll be asleep. Getting some shut eye means you won’t be tired the next day, and your body won’t yearn for sugar in an attempt to give you the energy you need to feel more awake.

Exercise More

Exercise to help you lose weight for your hen partyOf course this is a given, but exercising and eating foods that increase your metabolism will double the rate at which you lose weight.

You don’t need to run 10 miles every day or work out for hours. In fact, if you start an exercise routine that’s too strenuous, you’ll give up easily and resort back to your old ways.

Interval routines are much better than running at the same speed for 30 minutes. Run as fast as you can for 1 minute and have a 15 second break and repeat. Doing this 10 times twice a day will get your heart pumping and help you burn fat.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have a ‘perfect’ body to wear a dress. Follow these tips to build your confidence so you can enjoy your night without thinking you’re not good enough to be there.