Reasons To Party And Relax In Chester

Reasons To Party And Relax In Chester

If you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or family, and want to enjoy beautiful scenic routes, then Chester is the place for you. This historic city has a vast amount of bars, which are stylish and modern, yet full of character.

But the city doesn’t only come alive at night, as their are beautiful buildings and shops waiting to be explored in the day.

Here are a few recommendations on bars and places to visit in Chester…


chester barlounge

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Barlounge has everything you need to relax, meet up with friends, or enjoy a drink (or three!). The surroundings are informal, making it the perfect place to enjoy delicious food and mid-week offers.

Come winter or summer, the bar accommodates all weather with heated rooms and a roof terrace to relax in the sun with friends.

If you’re reuniting with old friends, this bar has everything you need. The atmosphere is calm, yet lively, so you can have a great catch up without struggling to hear what everyone’s saying.


Alexanders bar chester

This cafe come bar is known for its live comedy, music and cabaret shows. If you’re looking to let your hair down and forget the week you’ve had, Alexanders is the place to visit.

But you don’t just have to sit down when you’re there, as they often hold open mic nights where anyone can take to the stage. The atmosphere is lively, but not loud enough that you can’t enjoy a lovely meal whilst watching a show.

Bridgewater Arms

Bridgewater Arms chester


This pub is right in the heart of Chester so you get to see the beautiful, historic buildings right from your seat. From when it opened in 1800’s as a pub for railway workers, it’s still just as popular to this day.

Bridgewater Arms caters people from all walks of life, with a pool table, jukebox and cheap drinks.

The History Of Chester

The history of Chester

Chester is arguably the most historic city in England, having been around for over two thousand years. If you get the chance to visit, you’ll see the Medieval buildings and roads.

Back in 75 AD, the Romans built a fort, which is when Chester was born. The city was formally called Deva Victrix when the Romans founded it, and it was the home to many battles.

Post Roman times, the city was a place where people from Manchester and Liverpool escaped to during the Georgian and Victorian periods.

After 1066, the Normans took Chester and destroyed over 200 houses in the city, and by the 13th century, it was the place of the shipping trader, serving countries and cities such as France, Spain, Scotland and Ireland. To this day, the remains of the Roman walls stay in tact as a remembrance of the battles and life in the long past.

If you want to experience some of the history and culture Chester is famous for, here are some places you can not afford to miss…

Chester City Walls

Chester city walls

Visit the steps of Roman soldiers and enjoy a new prospective from with panoramic views of the city. You can take a guided tour, or walk on your own or with friends and family, to experience the two mile trip.

The walls were built as a defensive structure to protect the city during the battles between 70 and 80 AD. What was originally formed from rocks and turf, was then restructured 20 years later into sandstone as the structure began to fall apart. After the Normans destroyed parts of the city, the walls were extended to protect the entire medieval city.

In the present day, the walls are a tourist attraction and have helped to improve transportation in and around the city. Don’t forget to take plenty of water with you and try not to go walking when the weather is too warm!

Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral

If you want to visit a place of worship and peace in the day, then Chester’s Cathedral can offer that to you. It’s heritage is fascinating with over 1,200 services every year. It’s not just a place to worship and celebrate though, as the Cathedral is one of the biggest venues in the city to hold concerts, orchestral performances and fundraiser events.

It has played a huge part in shaping the history of the City, with it’s welcoming of spiritual and cultural life.

Not only is Chester full of history and culture, but it’s the perfect city to stroll the shopping centre in the morning, enjoy a coffee in a cafe in the afternoon, and hit the bars and nightclubs at night. The city transforms overnight from a lively, entertaining environment to peaceful and tranquil the next morning.