Wedding Money-Saving Tips

Wedding Money-Saving Tips

Congratulations on the engagement! A wedding is a beautiful occasion, full of love and happiness (including happy tears). Everyone dreams of the perfect fairy tale wedding, in a beautiful city in a luxurious church. But all of that costs money and lots of it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an amazing wedding though you’re planning on a budget.

Whether you’re spending £20,000 or £4,000, price doesn’t affect how much you love someone nor determine if the wedding is fun for everyone. Nonetheless, here are a few ways to plan a wedding of your dreams on a budget…

Preparing The Wedding

Wedding Money-Saving Tips

First things first, don’t spend a huge portion of your money just on engagement rings, especially as you don’t wear the ring for the rest of your life. Visit a second-hand jewellery store or take advantage of jewellery dealers in your area. You’ll be surprised at the amazing deals you can get on beautiful rings.

Why not break the tradition and buy something other than a ring? A necklace, weekend away or special, personal gift for your loved one is a different way of expressing your love. Ask your family members if any special jewellery has been passed down the generations, so you can give away a procession that means something, without spending a penny.

If you aren’t that lucky and don’t have anything to pass down to your partner, think about exchanging vouchers for jewellery. Tesco often hold double points vouchers where you exchange £20 of regular money-off vouchers to £40 for a specific department. This is a great way at saving money!

Save money the easy way in advance easily, by budgeting your money. Spend less money on going out for meals, and only put the heating on when you need it to save plenty of money. The key is to start planning at least six months before to allow yourself more time to save money.

Look through your cupboards and shelves and put anything you no longer use or need on eBay. It’s a great way to de-clutter the house whilst making some extra cash. Depending on what you have hiding away, you’re probably not going to make thousands, but even £100 will make a difference.

Clearly identify your budget so you know how much money you have to play around with. This will encourage you to set realistic goals and only buy things you need. For example, design your own wedding invitations on your computer and send them to guests’ houses so you don’t have to pay extortionate prices some companies charge.

Have you ever looked into a wedding abroad? It’s crazy, but you may actually save money – even with flight and hotel costs. The price of a venue could be what costs the most for your wedding. Never borrow money you can’t afford to pay back! This’ll just put you in a financial mess and leave you stressing.

Don’t buy unnecessary things. If you have four bridesmaids instead of two, you’ll have to spend more money on dresses. If you do have bridesmaids, look for dresses online (include your dress too!) as you can make huge discounts by purchasing things online. In fact, everything from your flowers, clothes to accessories can be bought online. Just make sure you order in advance in case anything needs returning.

Inviting People

Wedding Money-Saving Tips

The more people you invite, the more it’ll cost – especially for the meal after the wedding. Have you thought about only inviting close family and friends? If you tell other people your reason for it, they’ll understand, and some may even want to spend their own money to come along.

Alternatively, you can hold a separate party or dinner for those you don’t invite. I’ll cost less to go out for a special meal, or you could invite them and your other guests along for a big meal out – still cheaper than more guests at the wedding!

The day and season you hold your wedding will affect the price too. Valentine’s Day is one of the dearest for obvious reasons, but getting wed in the winter is cheaper because most people want it to be sunny and warm for their special day. Research the places you’re looking at and get plenty of quotes so you can compare.

Happy marriage!