What Is Your Role As A Bridesmaid?

What Is Your Role As A Bridesmaid?

So you’ve officially passed the friendship test to becoming a bridesmaid – that’s great! But what do you have to do now? What is your role as a bridesmaid, other than to stand at the altar like a lost jigsaw piece? Be the best bridesmaid possible and make a positive difference to the wedding.

Get Involved

what you have to do as a bridesmaid

You don’t need a qualification in wedding planning but it’s extremely helpful to all parties if you get involved in organising the hen party and wedding. Getting involved makes the bride’s life easier. There’s so much to do from phoning venues, writing a guest list to searching for the dress of her dreams. Offer a helping hand when she needs it.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, don’t create any dilemmas by complaining about the other bridesmaids or refusing to wear your dress because it makes you look ‘fat’.

You’re not getting married so you can’t start demanding special treatment. Be happy with the decisions made.

Don’t feel that you’re begin ordered into doing everything, because you and all the bridesmaids should work together by equally splitting tasks between you all. If you don’t really know or don’t get along with the others so well, get to know them better so you can work effectively as a team.

Do your research into wedding planning so you can put your energy into things that are priority. These are often the bigger responsibilities that take up most of the bride’s time and energy. Create a list of priority tasks and begin with them – things like flowers and accessories can come later on.

It’s useful if you can draw up lists of venues, stores and prices to aid the planning. This will also help the bride-to-be get the best deal on things. Everyone loves a bargain!

Take the pressure off of others by volunteering for tasks that need completely urgently.

Be Supportive

What Is Your Role As A Bridesmaid?

Weddings are amazing but they can be extremely stressful and demanding – especially on top of the stresses of normal everyday life. Keep calm for the entire months’ planning and agree to some things you don’t want to do for the sake of making the bride happy (within reason).

Try to make the process an enjoyable experience and not a mundane responsibility; after all, you’re allowed to have fun.

On The Day

what you have to do as a bridesmaid

So it’s the big day… also your day to shine and step up as your role of a bridesmaid. Most importantly, it’s your duty to remain calm and collected. The bride will be freaking out if everything is not going exactly to plan – including her makeup.

You’ll also be on beauty patrol at the wedding. Make sure her dress isn’t tangled up with anything before the walk down the aisle, her hair is neat and stable and reassure her that your makeup doesn’t look patchy.

If you’re chief bridesmaid, you’ll need to make sure everyone is positioned where they should be, wearing the right clothes and have their accessories to hand. Pack an emergency small kit with tissues, lip gloss, perfume, mirror and hairbrush so you’re prepared for any beauty emergency.

Make sure you know where you’re sitting at the venue, because you’ll be sitting at the front when you’ve walked the bride in.

Support, organise and plan well. Offer emotional and physical advice for the bride to make it the best day yet.