Why You Should Have A Hen Party

Why You Should Have A Hen Party

Hen parties. They’re a classic way of celebrating your last moments of ‘freedom’ before marriage totally transforms your life. Some people hate them. Some people love the excuse to drink and party.

We envision strippers, drunken slurs, and endlesspink fluffy stuff when we think of hen parties, but not every occasion is the same. You don’t have to have a hangover for the next week and go wild to enjoy yourself. Some hen party hatersthink it’s a waste of money when weddings alone are extortionate, but the tradition can’t beoutdated if we’re constantly receiving bookings.

Reasons ForA Hen Party

Reasons to have a hen party

A wedding is an amazing occasion and a special time in your life, so you should celebrate in style. Start thinking of you and think of how much fun you can have with your loved ones, because life is too short not to be enjoyed.

They don’t deserve their bad reputation and the connotations of drunken women stumbling from bar to bar, because many females want a stylish night out (one that they’ll remember the next day).

Here are a few reasons to book a night with us

Explore a city you’ve never been to before – or re-visit a place that makes you feel alive. Have you ever walked the Albert Dock in Liverpool, or walked the pier in Southampton?With work taking over most peoples’ lives, it’s hard to strike a balance between work and pleasure. Scrolling through our website will bring up plenty of cities you can party in for the night.

Booking a holiday will be a lot more expensive than just a night out in a venue, and hen parties are good value for money in this respect. Plus, you don’t have to book too much time off work if you’re restricted to your holiday allowance.

The beauty of these occasions is that you get to reunite with old friends and relatives with a good excuse to do so. We all lose contact with our loved ones as the stresses of modern life take over. You get to meet people from all walks of life and spend the time laughing and smiling.

Everybody always ends up bonding and enjoying themselves at events such as these because they exist for you to have fun, and nothing else but that. Don’t take your laptop and avoid checking your emails because this new wondrous moment is yours to be lived to the maximum.

With the new friends you’ll meet, you’ll have stories to tell (and some you’ll want to keep secret) and memories that will last a lifetime. I’m sure you’d rather be surrounded by loved ones having an amazing time, than sat on the sofa alone. You don’t even need a reason for drinking and dancing, because it’s your celebration.

Can you count on your fingers how many times this year you’ve had realme time? Probably never. You deserve to have time do relax, party and have fun!

Most people even say they enjoy their hen party more than their wedding. Weddings are amazing, but so serious and official. Parties are the chance to let your hair down and not play by any rules. You can laugh all night and not have to worry about your vale falling off.

Have fun and dress up in fancy dress with your friends. Do something different. Try new drinks and visit a city you’ve never seen before apart from on films. Plus, it’s not expensive to have a party either, with our prices at just 25 per person, so whether you’re looking for a crazy night out or a tea-style party, we can bring your vision to life.

We can take the stress out of organising the event and inject some fun into it with no hassle. When you book through us, you’ll have a great time at the bar and behind the bar too where you can get hands on with making cocktails.

When To Have Your Hen Party

When to have your hen party

If you’re reading this section, we’ve successfully persuaded you to celebrate your special day. Nice!

Most people choose to have their party a month or so before their wedding, so everything’s not too far in advance but you allow yourself enough time to recover. We suggest that you book your masterclass as far in advance as possible, a weekend dates can already be getting booked up (though relax, we’ve got 100’s of venues we can get you into)