Planning A Hen Party On A Budget

Planning A Hen Party On A Budget

They say you don’t need money to have a good time, but obviously only people who have plenty to spare say that. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, you don’t want – or more like can’t – go overboard with the spending for your hen party.

Whether you’re planning for your best friend or yourself, there are plenty of ways to plan a hen party on a budget and make it a great night too. This blog is designed for any of you who may be struggling to earn extra income to pay for a party, or perhaps you’d prefer to spend more on a wedding than a get together. Whatever you’reáreason, we can help you plan a very special something.

Eat Tasty Food WitháYour Friends

Planning a hen party on a budget

Let’s assume you’re organising this event for yourself for the sake of the article. It may be predictable, butáhaving a meal at your favourite place with your favourite people is a win-win. Plus, everyone likes to indulge in a fancy meal every once in a while. What better way is there to celebrate a special occasion than with tasty food?

If you’re opting for this idea, then go all out and make it something more extravagant than a regular meal out. Write a list of everyone you want to spend the night with so you have a good start on numbers first. Keep it to a minimum. If you inviteátoo many people, your bank account will feel it and getting everyone involved is sometimes difficult in bigger groups.

Once you’ve compiled a list of your loved ones, start to look into restaurants that aren’t too far away from people. It’s unfair to make anyone travel 30 miles for food (by the time they get back, they’ll be hungry again). Do your research into restaurants that are accessible to everyone.

When something strikes you as the perfect place, visit their website to see if they have course meals already set up. This makes it a lot easier when it comes to everyone ordering, and splitting money for the bill always results in someone getting less change than they need.

Think about what everyone likes to eat. Does the restaurant cater for everyone’s dietary needs and offer enough choice for people to try something new and exciting? Although the night isáfor you, it can’t just beáabout you.

Okay, so for argument’s sake, let’s imagine you’ve found a perfect menu and it’s in a location that’s easy for everyone to get to. Now it’s time to start questioning the restaurant itself. You don’t want to disturb other guests with your girly talk, and other guests probably don’t want to hear about it either, so alwaysáreserve a table in a hidden away spot.

It’s pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who hope that if they turn up in a group of 10, they’ll easily get seated in an area of their choice. Not going to happen. It’s best to book a cornered off area, in a location where you aren’t too disturbed by kids running around and waiters passing through every ten minutes.

Don’t go all out on where you choose though. It doesn’t have to be in a luxurious mansion with marble stones, because you’ll pay an arm and a leg just for a diet Cola. Pick somewhere that fits the bill but still carries style. Booking a taxi there and back will add to the overall cost too, soástick to your budget.

Most times, it’s not the meal that eats at your money, it’s the alcohol, and unless you don’t drink, you’re going to want to order copious bottles of wine.

This is my favourite tip coming up…

Arrange for the taxi to come to your house, where you can all enjoy one (or two) glasses of wine before heading out. This is a great because you’ll all be in the mood to have a great night and you’ll save a bit on drinks at the restaurant too. Brilliant! Just make sure you have a selection of everyone’s favourites in to keep the smiles on their faces. Oh, and don’t drinkátooámuch that you’re not in a fit state to leave the house.

Host AáParty At Your House

Organising a hen party on a budget

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like going out, or you want to limit your budget even more, you can invite close ones to your house for a bit of a food party. Don’t worry if you’re not up to Nigella’s standards, you can still make something moreish and appropriate with Jamie Oliver’s party food recipes.

Jamie’s recipes are simple and easy to make even for those inexperienced in the kitchen. Invite your friends to your house and enjoy some cocktails and food for a great night.

To make it something out of the ordinary, tell everyone to come in fancy dress and create official invitations. This makes it look like you haven’t just thrown it together last minute, and shows you want everyone to get involved. On top of that, you can throw in plenty of hen party gamesáto prevent the night from being a bore.

Allow everyone to let their hair down with these games and keep stocked up on cocktails made by yourself. Don’t just buy bottles of wine and put them on the side for people to help themselves to, because that’s ordinary. Visit our cocktail recipesáfor ideas on making the perfect concoction that nobody’s ever tasted before.

You can even lay out the ingredients and get everyone involved in making their own drink. Why not even get people to make something for someone else? (This is why you should only invite those you can trust!).

Enjoy Your Hen Party Without Spending A Lot

Preparing a hen night out with friends without spending a lot

If you can’t resist going full out on your hen party and you’re not letting your bank account stop you from having a good time, then you’ll need to be careful with your money. We love to treat ourselves to something expensive every now and then, and when a special occasion brings about a new wardrobe, you’re going to need these tips…

Before you plan on spending a day shopping online to find the perfect dress, STOP. There are plenty of ways to look great and not break the bank.

Firstly, think of what you have in your wardrobe. Ladies, it really doesn’t matter if you’ve worn a dress before, especially if you’re wearing it in a new place and with different people.

If you simply can’t bare your wardrobe and you have nothing that excites you, a few weeks before the party, invite all of your friends round your house for a ‘clothes swap night’. We’re guilty of loving what everyone else is wearing over what we wear, so this idea makes perfect sense.

Tell everyone to bring dresses that they think would look good on you, or ones they’re tired of taking up unnecessary space in their wardrobe.

Although this means there’s no excuse for a shopping spree, it’s a great way of saving money on a new outfit that could cost you in excess of ú100. Plus, it’s an excuse for yet another girly night.

Make the night fun for everyone else too by getting peopleáto bring good quality clothes that they don’t mind parting with. Along with a few drinks and some finger-food, you can have a great night and even pick something up that catches your eye.

It’s a great way to feel and look good and not worry about your cash. The last thing you want to be doing it worrying and not having the time of your life.

The good times we have are with people, notáthings, so quit stressing about what’s in your purse and focus more on surrounding yourself with the people you love.

If you want to have a hen party in style and not be made to feel worthless, it’s possible if you start planning ahead. Get people involved in the organising and you’ll find that everyone will be just as excited as you.