Enjoy A Cocktail Masterclass As The Designated Driver

Enjoy A Cocktail Masterclass As The Designated Driver

So youíve been lumbered with being the designated driver†so†your group of friends can throw back shots all night, and youíre left wondering how you can still have a great time.

Alcohol is the epitome of happiness for many party-goers, but itís not always the flavour that gives us the thrill when it hits our lips, itís something to clutch onto at an awkward revelry Ė or a substance used to Ďget out of our headsí.

Here are some ways to have fun at a cocktail masterclass without touching a drop.

Mix Up Your Drinks

Enjoy A Cocktail Masterclass As The Designated Driver

The tantalising flavour of vodka sweltering in our throats and sending a shudder through our body, or the aroma of wine in the air are all linked to parties.

So when youíre holding a glass of water pretending to have a great time and itís blindingly obvious that youíre hating life, you need to mix up your drinks.

If itís truly the savour of alcohol that sends you into overdrive, then opt for non-alcoholic beer as itíll subliminally make you feel as though youíre drinking too.

But for those of you who donít want to sip bland water all night, here are a few drinks you could try:

  • Sparkling mango lemonade
  • Iced tea
  • Raspberry lemonade
  • Watermelon peach spritzer

Take plenty of mixers and create your drinks as you go through the night, to keep things exciting.

Reward Your Healthy Behaviour With Food

Enjoy A Cocktail Masterclass As The Designated Driver

As recompense for your noble behaviour, turn to tasty snacks†to keep you occupied whilst everyone else is dancing on tables.

At any of our masterclasses, thereís a selection of snacks to nosh on Ė whether itís a day off from the diet or you just fancy treating yourself to something new (plus, you donít have to wash up afterwards!).

Whilst everyone else is idolising the cocktails, fuel your body for the drive home with an abundance of tasty finger-food or a satisfying 3-course meal. Itís only fair to your passengers. After all, they wouldnít want you nodding off at the wheel!

Focus On What Really Matters At A Party

Enjoy A Cocktail Masterclass As The Designated Driver

No, not the music! People. Encompassed by close friends and a party vibe, thereís really no excuse to not have a blast Ė even alcohol-less.

Isnít a masterclass actually an excuse to meet up with loved ones with the added benefit of mouth-watering drinks and a positive ambiance?

Put aside your stresses about work life and personal problems, and stop dwelling on being the only one in the room still standing without needing something†to lean on.

To keep the night going, ask friends to invite people youíve not had the pleasure to meet. Itís a great opportunity to meet new friends and hold long conversations, so you donít end up salivating over the cocktails and going insane!

Keep Busy And Donít Allow Yourself To Get Bored

Enjoy A Cocktail Masterclass As The Designated Driver

Personally, I think boredom is a choice. Those who mope around complaining that theyíre fed up lack the ability to think positively and find something to do.

Thereís a hundred and one things you can do at a masterclass, including: Experiment with how to make mocktails, video friends in action with their shakers, attempt to tell jokes, catch up with people, munch on great food and so on.

Although the name of the night is centred on cocktails, alcohol isnít – well, shouldnít be – the emphasis of the event.

Although youíre singled out from the crowd as the designated driver, that doesnít somewhat give you less right to have fun and join in on the action. Donít shy away and watch everyone else get boisterous. Youíre not a guardian for the night, so donít project yourself in that way by acting like†your friendsí personal security guard, on duty for drink spillages and hand holding for staggers to the toilet.

Bring along a homemade quiz, customised gifts, prepared gossipÖ whatever it is that makes you and your company happy.

Put Down Your Phone And†Join In

Enjoy A Cocktail Masterclass As The Designated Driver

Itís human nature to use our phone as security when weíre feeling a little isolated. But, if youíre scrolling through Facebook whilst everyone else is laughing, how are you supposed to have a great night?

Put it to the side and enjoy the company of those with you. Donít let the focus of the night be alcohol, and limit complaining about being the elected driver.

Have a positive mind, wear your favourite dress, spritz perfume, curl your hair and wear the highest heels possible (which will hurt after just 10 minutes but are worth the pain) to get yourself in the party zone prior to the gathering.

So there you have our best tips to having a night filled with ecstasy; courtesy of great people, optimism and a party vibe – without a drop of alcohol in your system.

Who knows, you may even have a better night than cascading liqueur down your throat. †Youíll thank us for it in the morning.

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