A Cocktail Class For My Leaving Do

A Cocktail Class For My Leaving Do

So you have a special occasion coming up and you’re left wondering: How should I celebrate? Everything you used to do is getting old now and you fancy a change.

Finding the right party planning idea which isn’t expensive, unoriginal or not everyone’s taste isn’t the easiest job in the world.

We spoke with a satisfied customer, Sky, about a past cocktail masterclass of ours, to share her experience with you.

Why Have A Cocktail Making Class?

I was leaving my work to emigrate to Canada and wanted to go out for a meal in London with the girls from work for some leaving drinks. It was near the end of the month and quite a few of us were getting skint so were a little concerned about the cost of a nice meal out.

My friend suggested a cocktail making lesson for some fun, instead of your-run-of-the-mill meal out.

I looked into it and to my surprise it was very reasonably priced for a cocktail making class, games and tapas. For me, this is was about the same, if not less than, the price of a meal and looked much more fun. So we went with it.

The whole night was extremely good value for money from the quality and quantity of food and drinks, knowledge, fun and games and the service.


Organising the cocktail night was all really easy.  A few options came in from MyCocktailMasterclass, and we chose our favourite bar; it was in the right place, with a package that was great for our budget and so easy and simple to have all the options put in front of you without having to contact tonnes of places.

On The Day Of The Masterclass

As all eight of us arrived, a section of the bar was cornered off with red velvet barriers (all very fancy) with a ‘reserved for’ sign on the bar and purple balloons hanging from the chairs; we knew it was going to be a good night from there on!

Area Reserved for cocktail making class

We sat down on the stalls in-front of the bar.

The bartender was very polite and introduced himself to us and outlined what we would be doing. He called my name out as the event was for my leaving.

He made sure we were all comfortable and relaxed by having general chit chat with us before he announced that I would be making the cocktails for the night!

The Class Was Split Into 3 Sections

Firstly, it began with me behind the bar following his lead. He would make a cocktail and step by step show me how to make the same one.

We did for this for four cocktails with all of us being able to drink what me and the bartender had made. This was really interesting as he showed me all the techniques to cocktail making and where everything was behind the bar etc…

Sky Horton Cocktail Making Class

Secondly, everyone had a choice to make one cocktail of their own.

One by one, each of us stood on the other side of the bar learning how to make our chosen cocktail (and then of course got to drink it afterwards!). The bartender was funny and relaxed and gave us some inside knowledge and tricks of the trade which was great to know.

Lastly, the bartender explained we were going to play a game. I chose three of my friends to join in, we were then split into two groups of two.

The aim of the game was to make a cocktail in the quickest time. Sounds easy! But not so much when your team member can only speak and not move, whilst you stand behind them with your arms by their waist trying to handling the bottles etc.

It turned out to be hilarious! We were all in fits of laughter and whoever lost had to down a shot of chilly vodka!

Cocktail games at the cocktail class

We Weren’t Finished There…

After the game, the bartender showed us a cool trick: he put together a row of glasses with shots on top of them and asked me to push the first shot over so there was domino effect of knocking all the others over in a line one after the other. It looked awesome!

And we all drank the strawberry and bubble gum shots too!

Shaking cocktails at the cocktail class

After laughter and yummy tasty cocktails at the bar, he announced that the night had finished and thanked us for experiencing the night.

He showed us to our own table which had been reserved for us in the restaurant part of the club. Very soon after we had all sat down with drinks, they brought out our Tapas. It looked beautiful – and tasted it too!

We had plenty of food to feed eight of us – plus more. It consisted of all the general tapas goodies with sauces and dips, plus pizza, with an ice cream shot glass for dessert each.

The whole night was extremely good value for money from the quality and quantity of food and drinks, knowledge, fun and games and the service.

All in all, a fantastic night I would recommend to anyone!

Thank you MyCocktailMasterClass for a memorable night achieved!


Sky Horton cocktail masterclass