Celebrate In Style In London

Celebrate In Style In London

One of the many perks of my partner being a Social Media Influencer (despite her being my soul mate) is that I get to tag along for her all-expenses-paid breaks in the UK.

For the third time in a year, we’re hitting London – the city renowned for its quirky characters ambling the streets and classic elements making all of us Brits feel at home and tourists in awe of our cute cafés and British clichés.

It’s the perfect place come day or night, making it apt for a cocktail masterclass or “quiet” get together.

This is the first time we’ll reconnoitre the city without having to spend a penny, but let’s take a step from reality for a minute and imagine how you can celebrate in London if money were no option. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Luxury Hotels To Stay In London

Celebrate In Style In London

As part of the free night away, we’ve scored a deluxe room in Radisson Blu Edwardian, set in Covent Garden.

I’m certainly not someone to speak with rancour, especially at a free break in a wonderful place, but if it were my hen party night and we all had infinite money, I’d choose the top room. (That’s not just me being materialistic by the way!).

The Milestone Hotel is an exquisite place to stay and shines bright with five stars. Their Harlequin Suite in particular resembles a 15th century pantomime and is fit for the Queen.

Themed in gold and glass to complement their rich guests, your hen party invitees would be completely amazed – and may never even want to leave their room.

It’s technology bound, spacious and dripping with a chandelier, marble bathroom oh, and did I forget to mention 24 hour butler service and your own private Bentley for your stay should you not wish to be escorted in a black cab.

Lavish Bars And Restaurants To Sip Champagne

Celebrate In Style In London

The party scene in London is so underestimated. Whilst some bars resemble a bohemian atmosphere, there are plenty of lavish bars to indulge in cocktails for your special occasion.

Still staying in this fantasy world where money is no object, lounge in Radio bar to get the most of the city views.

You’ll be skimming the clouds and chomping on tasty Tapas with a contemporary twist. It’s so deluxe that you have to book a reservation at any time of the day or night to guarantee a seat in this luxury bar.

With prices averaging at £25pp per meal, it’s a good job we’re playing pretend.

If Radio bar hits the spot for you, then you’ll love the May Fair bar – particularly if you’re sporting a hen celebration in the city. Expert mixologists and a wide range of cocktails, your tongue will think it’s heaven here.

And your eyes will too. Cool tones of sleek blues and blacks, it’s mysterious and classy all at the same time. Private areas and group dining, you and your friends can splash out on food which costs £2 a bite.

Another bar, called Oxo, is the perfect place to eat and drink with associates – whether you’re going for a wild night out or quiet array.

On the eighth floor of the Oxo Tower, it’s walled by glass windows, succumbing you to their breathtaking views.

Using their signature champagne, five-year-old ciders and hearty mixtures, each cocktail is unique and raptured in a glass.

The Day After The Party

Celebrate In Style In London

When your head’s thumping and your mouth is regurgitating last night’s cocktails, here are some fun activities to keep you occupied the next day.

The Camden Lock Market embodies the cultural values of London and features many of the city’s finest designers, artists and independent sellers.

If budget were no option, you could splash out on unique crafts, street food and extravagant accessories of all kinds, whilst strolling around in a perfect atmosphere.

If brunch is your thing – and you’ll probably need a big meal to soak up last night’s adventures – try Balthazar. It’s picturesque and pricey – so it ticks all of the boxes in our current fantasy world.

From American-styled pancakes to full English breakfasts, this café come bar has it all. There’s an extensive range of food and despite the first chain opening in New City, it’s classically themed to be like France.

So there you have it. Pricey ways to celebrate in style in London. Although money is the main composite of this article, you can still have a great time in the big city whilst regularly checking your bank balance.

Money isn’t everything, but in an ideal world, we could put our money woes away, put on our high heels and sip the night away. All the while, being surrounded by those we love.

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