Preparing A Hen Party For First-Timers

Preparing A Hen Party For First-Timers

Nowadays, a hen party is†a mandatory part of marriage. In fact, most people spend just as much time preparing their pre-marriage party as their wedding day.

There’s no denying how much fun a get-together is with your besties, but there’s a lot to check off of your to-do list before the party starts.

In a world where we all so busy working, cleaning the house, exercising etc. it’s hard to find time to be a little selfish.

So if you’re robbed of time with your busy lifestyle, or just more of a last-minute type of person, here are some ways to plan a hen party in a short amount of time.

Plan A Date Around The Bride

Preparing A Hen Party For First-Timers

First things first. You need to check the brideís availability. After all, it involves them and they’re very busy people at this point. Definite dates are more helpful than a list of maybes.

Depending on your activity, you may need a few days of availability. Your next step will be to go to your intended guests and confirm the dates with them. If all of the invitees have Facebook, tag them all from your profile with a list of dates and ask when they’re free.

Facebook is the best strategy for this because you get an instant reply and you’re all a part of the conversation. Alternatively, you could create a group conversation on Whatsapp. Whatever your platform, it’s best to have everyone speaking in one group.

Okay, so let’s say you now have dates of everyone’s availability, it’s time to decide on an activity.

What To Do For The Hen Party

Preparing A Hen Party For First-Timers

Deciding what to do for the hen party can be a minefield, but thatís only because there are so many great things you can do Ė not because thereís not enough.

But in saying that, the activity has to be something all parties will like Ė with the bride being the main focus. A tour of a chocolate factory might be fun for you, but your weight-loss-addict friend might think otherwise.

Here are a few hen party ideas.

A Pampering Weekend Away

What better way to get ready for the wedding and have some relaxation time than a pampering weekend session with the girls.

Complimentary of a luxury hotel in a stunning city, back massage, beauty and holistic treatments and a few glasses of wine toÖ well, does there need to be an excuse? itís the perfect getaway.

Get out of town and book a hotel which is all inclusive of the packages you want. It saves time and hassle and theyíll organise everything for you.

Learn A New Craft

This one isnít something you immediately think of when someone says theyíre having a pre-marriage gathering. But why not expand your creative skills and have fun at the same time?

From making sushi, to card crafts, to jewellery making, to upping your cooking skills, there are so many exciting opportunities to grasp.

Hire A Karaoke Room

Regardless of your singing expertise, karaoke is a realm of fun for everyone and you always have a laugh when youíre doing it.

Accompanied by delectable snacks and thirst-quenching drinks (preferably alcoholic if you need the added confidence to sing), itís not just about the voice, but spending time with one another and having a blast.

Cocktail Masterclass

You canít organise a hen party without contemplating on a cocktail masterclass: theyíre the epitome of an anticipating bride-to-be and her enthusiastic friends.

From just £25pp in a UK city of your choice, we can organise a welcome drink on arrival, your own dedicated bartender, fun interactive cocktail games, finger food buffet, a class of learning how to make cocktails and more.

Visit our hen party cocktail masterclasses page for more details or get in touch with us for more information.

The Hen Doís And Doníts

Preparing A Hen Party For First-Timers

Once youíve decided on who youíll invite and what youíll get up to, itís time to reflect on some key factors involved in organising a successful party.

Hereís a breakdown of some doís:

  • Set a realistic budget and stick to it. Plan and book well in advance Ė preferably three months beforehand where booking prices are at their cheapest.
  • Make it your job to collect money and keep tabs on payments. Set deadlines for when everyone has to pay and use this to make bookings, not your own personal savings.
  • Take responsibility for getting everything planned in time. Donít wait for companies and people to get back to you. Use your initiative and pick up the phone.

Of all the things to avoid at a hen party, here are the most important ones:

  • Let anyone arrive or leave the destination in safe transportation. In fact, get picked up from the same area to avoid people arriving in dribs and drabs.
  • Get stressed and ruin the event for everyone. We appreciate that you are technically in charge of everyone having fun, but donít bring the vibe down by pulling your hair out.
  • Choose somewhere too far away from home Ė unless everyone agrees on it. Transportation will be more expensive and youíll end up getting lost if you havenít planned things efficiently.
  • Let the power go to your head. Though youíre responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly, allow other guests to help out and play a part; itíll be better for everyone that way.

So there you have a breakdown of organising a hen party for newbies. When youíre approached with a blank canvas, it can be intimidating, but remember Ė itís all about having fun.

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Happy hen partying!