Reasons To Party In Newcastle

Reasons To Party In Newcastle

We host cocktail masterclasses all across the country and as thereís a vast selection of great cities to choose from, we often get asked where is the best place to party?

Newcastle is a cosmopolitan and courageous city where all walks of life cross its path. Its inventive spirit and multi-cultural standard of living makes it very accepting of everyone.

Particularly those who like to party!

So here are some of our favourite reasons to party in Newcastle.

Newcastle Is A Beautiful City

Reasons To Party In Newcastle

Thereís a reason why itís been voted one of the top ten party cities in the world. Yes, world! But aside from the Geordie Shore connotations, Newcastle is a beautiful part of the UK with plenty of places to ponder during daylight.

The Biscuit Factory

This offers a fun day out with friends (even though itís nothing to do with biscuits!). It is in fact an art, craft and design gallery in the heart of Newcastle.

Displaying contemporary art, sculptures and prints, itís home to amazing masterpieces which you can take home for an affordable deal.

Free admission and open seven days a week, thereís always something to do here all year round. From shows, to a tasty bite to eat, gather your friends for a rainy day at the Biscuit Factory.

Victoria Tunnel

The tunnel has a chilling history which visitors can experience for themselves. It runs beneath the city from the Town Moor down to Tyne and was once used to protect civilians during World War 2.

Upon going in the tunnel, youíll experience sounds of the air raid and will be guided through the history of Newcastle. A great way to become overwhelmed nostalgia.

Grainger Town

Described as ďone of the finest streets in EnglandĒ, you canít afford to avoid Grainger Town during your stay.

Words donít do this town justice, as itís something you have to see to believe (just Google images of its classical embellishments).

The town is a piece of the past in the historic heart of Newcastle with well-preserved old buildings, architectural features, markets, theatres and more. Nestled in a quaint area, there are a range of restaurants, bars, cafes, galleries and shops to splash out on.

Clearly well looked after and a wonderful part of town to escape reality, youíll have a wonderful day out here.

Quayside Seaside

Give someone cocktails and sand and theyíll have the time of their lives. Quayside Seaside is a pop-up beach the city has to provide visitors with the experience of actually being on holiday. What an amazing idea!

Actual sand in a small area, accompanied with deckchairs, buckets and spades, palm trees, and views of the infamous bridge and river, whatís not to love here?

Itís like being on holidayÖ on holiday.

Nightclubs In Newcastle

Reasons To Party In Newcastle

Now letís get down to what you really went to Newcastle for Ė to party!

Did you know you can actually walk across the city in only 15 minutes? It may be a big city in a small circumference, but youíd never guess it by what it has to offer. An array of nightclubs for anyone 18 years and over, it’s a wonderful city to spend your night and make lots of memories with loved ones.

Floritaís Miami Bar

Exposed brickwork, sofas and booths with cocktails and upbeat music makes this one of the best bars in Newcastle.

For a real experience of a Geordie night out, this is definitely the place to be. To top it off, thereís an extensive selection of cocktails, slush machine, neon lights and VIP areas if you fancy something a little more secluded.

O2 Academy

What was once a bingo hall is now a refurbished musical heritage with talented artists across the country.

There is always someone to see here and the atmosphere is amazing with great views to ensure you have a memorable time. For intimate gigs, the upstairs is in action so check out their website for upcoming acts.


An eventful nightspot with great music, cheap drinks, four different rooms and three floors of bliss. The party doesn’t stop here!

If youíre serious about your music and only want to hear the best tracks fromtop DJs, then Digital is not to be missed. Incredible speakers and rooms packed with party enthusiasts… prepare yourself for a fun night.


Thereís always something happening at Riverside. Whether itís unsigned bands, live events or special club nights Ė itís a great place to be.

If your motive is to do little else but party, then this bar will cater for you in the day until the sunrise. Start your night here and get a taste for Newcastle’s way of partying.

Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger has a reputation that we stand by where you can indulge in a cocktail masterclass or simply sip liqueurs with friends.

Itís a popular nightclub amongst residents and visitors, so if youíre planning a special occasion, this has everything you need. From tasty cocktail jugs, to VIP seating areas, to optional karaoke booths, itís a fantastic place to get the party started.

From commercial clubs to innovative landmarks, thereís so much to uncover in Newcastle and it’s forever evolving. Itís perfect for a night out, day out or even unplanned meal with friends.

The above are our favourite reasons to party and spend your time in Newcastle, but if you have some more ideas youíd like to share, feel free to tweet us, write to us on Facebook or tag us in your Instagram pictures. We’d love to hear from you.