Getting Ready For A Party In 30 Minutes

Getting Ready For A Party In 30 Minutes

If you’re anything like me, you think you’re invincible to time. I should be an expert at rushing my hair and makeup with my track record.

But my shoes suddenly go missing. Makeup smashes on the floor. Hair straighteners take 10 minutes to heat up.

If you have a cocktail masterclass, here are some speedy beauty tricks.

Style Your Hair Up

Getting Ready For A Party In 30 Minutes

Let your hair down, or in this case, don’t. There are many updo styles, including:

  • Quick twist
  • Fancy ponytail
  • A versatile bun
  • Topsy tail

Getting ready for a party starts with a shower. Here is where you lose track of time. So instead, load your Spotify and give yourself only one song to be washed by.

Let your hair dry whilst you move on to makeup.

Putting On Makeup In A Rush

Getting Ready For A Party In 30 Minutes

Prioritise your eyes. You can never rush mascara or it’ll end up a disaster. So keep a steady hand and swoop from the roots to the tip. Just one coat will suffice right now.

Next, a shimmery white eyeshadow with a flicked eyeliner is my favourite beauty hack for when you’re in a hurry and it switches you to party mode instantly.

Getting ready doesn’t mean you have to wear layers of foundation. Opt for a BB cream which is easy to apply and will give you an even coverage.

A red lip and pink blush will complete your look and takes less than a minute. Awesome!

Completing Your Look In A Hurry

Getting Ready For A Party In 30 Minutes

With around 15 minutes left, lift your handbag out ready and slip on your favourite dress.

Now back to the hair. With the hairdryer on the highest setting, start from the front and then the crown. You can leave the ends damp if you’re short for time as you’ll tie it up anyway.

Pick a style above, stay relaxed and twist away. Alternatively, you can complete the look in the taxi… (I’m renowned for that!).

Voilà! And breathe.

Are you an expert in getting ready for a party in a rush? Tag us in your finished look on Instagram.