Fun Ice Cubes With Cocktails

Fun Ice Cubes With Cocktails

Who needs tasteless ice cubes when you can liven up your drink with fun ones?

With a plethora of alcohol, fruit, vegetable and garden plants, you’re missing out on interesting cocktail recipes if you don’t try something new.

Invigorate your palate and party with fun drink accessories.

Ice Cube Recipes

You spend eternities preparing a fruity cocktail to dilute it with ice cubes. But let’s say no more to watered-down concoctions. There’s a buzz surrounding flavoured cubes and it’s coming from a place of pure sanity. After all, it makes sense to enhance your flavours, not hide them.

Here are our favourite originals for a tasty drink.

Handpick flowers from your garden, or purchase beautiful summer plants to enrich your drink. Perfect for a summer party.

Don’t throw fruit and vegetables away just because they’re starting to brown. Utilise them to take your ice cubes to another level.

Here’s an idea on creating a tasty cocktail with kitchen leftovers.

Lemon, lime and mint are the perfect blend of ingredients and go perfectly with water. Enliven your tap water with these babies.

The world is going crazy for vodka cubes and I can see why. Bring out the mixologist in you with this exciting recipe.

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