Party Planning Checklist

Party Planning Checklist

Parties are great fun to attend, but not always to arrange; there’s so much to think about.

Getting ready for a party can be a chore in itself. But don’t get overwhelmed, because there are tonnes of revelry ideas – whilst keeping stress levels to a minimum.

Here’s the party planning 101 on getting everything covered.

Party Planning Made Easy

Party Planning Checklist

If you’re going for a party in your house, that’s great, we can help, or see the list below for a DIY house party. Heading out, can sometimes be easier, but may cost more.

Once you’ve decided on your date, time and venue, here are a few things to not leave unmissed.

  • Determine a budget… and stick to it!
  • Create a theme for your party. (No clue? Check out this video for concepts)
  • Purchase tableware: Cutlery, cups, table cloth and accessories
  • Plan a food menu
  • Write a shopping list and get everything in advance
  • Buy party supplies: Decorations, lights, balloons, tissue paper etc.
  • Entertainment ideas: Here are a few fun and bizarre ways to keep the guests entertained 

  • Don’t miss the music! Make life easy and find a ready-created YouTube playlist of the best tunes this year

The Day Before The Party

Party Planning Checklist

Get everything ready for the festivity with this easy-to-follow agenda.

  • Clean the inside and outside of the home
  • Plan a designated area for guest’ coats and shoes
  • Prepare food and refrigerate
  • Organise glasses and cutlery ready
  • Move furniture around to make room for entertainment
  • Display fresh flowers
  • Set the table

Feel free to print off this checklists to keep tabs on your schedule. Sufficient party planning helps everything to run smoothly.

Have you got an upcoming party? We’d love to hear all about your party-planning tricks. Tweet us or write to us on Facebook to share your secrets.

And we’re always here if you’re looking for a mobile cocktail masterclass bartender to come to your house 🙂