Fun Frolics At A Hen Party

Fun Frolics At A Hen Party

I have always wanted to go to a hen party – especially as it’s my job to blog about them. Luckily, me and my partner were invited to an all girl’s night out on Saturday 6 August.

There are plenty of fun things to do in Manchester as it’s such a dynamic destination for both day and night.

Here’s how the night went from shy greetings to giggly antics.

A Hen Party With Fun Games

Fun Frolics At A Hen Party

The hen party was organised on a budget, but that didn’t impact the mood or activities.

If you put 10 girls together – even though they may be strangers – the night will always evolve with fits of laughter. Add to the mixture a few inventive activities and fancy dress accessories, and you unravel all types of mischief.

A few of the fun games included:

  • Guess what time the hen will pass out by. The winner will be announced on the wedding day (I shrewdly put “she won’t”, whilst everyone else guessed in the next few hours).
  • Name the drink: Order a strange array of mixes from a bartender and get the hen to name the ingredients.
  • Get a bra from a stranger. Not too sure how, but she managed it.

Manchester: A Destination For Hens

Fun Frolics At A Hen Party

High heels and a 5-mile pub crawl around Manchester doesn’t go well together, but after a profuse of gin and tonics, the pain in your feet starts to wane.

With a lesbian wedding, it was the perfect opportunity to scope out Canal Street (Manchester’s notorious Gay Village). Churchill’s in particular rebirthed the night with its karaoke and bash aura.

There, you’re accepted and welcomed – no matter your sexuality or occasion. Whether it’s a hen party or outing with friends, dance to some timeless classics and get tipsy off their house gin. Be prepared to fork out at the bar though.

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