Review: Cocktail Masterclass Merriment

Review: Cocktail Masterclass Merriment

Our cocktail masterclass was booked for the first day back after the long summer holidays. We always try to do something nice for the senior team, as we know what a tough term ahead they have.

We normally go to a spa, but this year I fancied doing something different and fun and I was told to arrange whatever I wanted to do!

So here’s my experience of a night consisting of cocktail games and giggles.

A Cocktail Masterclass To Remember

Review: Cocktail Masterclass Merriment

I was so pleased when I saw Be At One was an option for a cocktail masterclass; I go there more than I should, so know the venue well. Russell Street is one of my favourite venues in London.

On arrival, we were greeted by a bartender and his assistant with a lovely Bellini and a few nibbles waiting for us.

My boss isn’t hugely interested in cocktail making, so I was a little nervous how she would find the whole experience.

After we had our first drink, we were called to the bar and given some health and safety instructions. We were then shown all the cocktail making equipment before beginning our night of fun frolics.

We had a list of 10 cocktails to choose from which we could make ourselves; they were all stunning. As we’d had enough time to settle in and relax, there were lots of sharing going on so my boss was starting to relax which was great.

It was strange to be on the other side of the bar and get a chance to see how bartenders make delectable cocktails. The detail and heart that is poured into each drink is amazing to witness.

My cocktail was tasty and although its name has slipped my memory, I feel in love with its taste and texture.

It Was All Fun And Games

Review: Cocktail Masterclass Merriment

Once we’d all created our masterpieces, there was a short break to enjoy them and get ready for a fun night. After this, we played a game of ‘blindfold cocktail making’.

This was absolutely brilliant!

We worked in pairs for this game. One person was blindfolded and played the role of cocktail maker whilst the other person was the voice to instruct them on making their concoction.

As there was an uneven number between us, we had a barman help one girl and it was just the funniest thing I’d ever seen. Cocktail equipment was going everywhere!

To create some competition, we were then scored on taste, presentation and time. Luckily, my team won!

It’s a great activity for the competitive, but it’s also entertaining for those who are cocktail novices; you can have fun and learn something at the same time.

After the class had finished, the bar opened, so we stayed for a couple more cocktails before heading out for dinner.

My boss was well away at this point and said she had one of the funniest afternoons and it was far better than she expected.

During the entire cocktail masterclass, we were never rushed or pushed to do anything quickly. Both the barmen were funny and attentive, making it possible to chill out and enjoy the night whilst being in good hands.

After the merriments, I am now trying to find any excuse to come back for a cocktail masterclass. All the attendees have bored everyone about the class – even the poor people on the train home.

One of the girls said she had tried cocktail making on a hen day in London before, but it was not a patch on what we had done. Overall, it was an eventful night I’ll never forget.

I hope to do it again soon!