Free Cocktails At Londonís FriendsFest

Free Cocktails At Londonís FriendsFest

Once again, me and my partner were flocking to London for a free event.

As the owner of a large Twitter account dedicated to the TV shows Friends, we attended FriendsFest Ė a 2016 celebration of the infamous show.

Celebrating in style in London requires a lot of money, but we were invited to this private event with free food and cocktails; it’s not exactly an incentive to stay at home.

Entertaining Guests In Style

Free Cocktails At Londonís FriendsFest

Although the occasion was dedicated to a Comedy Central show, it taught me so much about how to treat guests at a party.

On arrival, we were greeted with drinks Ė the choice of Prosecco or a Cucumber Cooler. Warm welcomes and wide smiles made us not only comfortable but wanted†in this temporary world with TV stars, presenters and infamous journalists.

Whilst spending the next hour or so looking around at the recreated set of the famous cafť, restaurants and apartments, the hosts were constantly walking around refilling empty glasses, with a formal hand behind their back to make us feel like royalty.

Stationed on each reconstruction were actors and actresses playing extras like from the episodes. They remained in character at all times – even when people werenít paying attention to them. They even interacted with people when they weren’t giving them attention. It was awesome to witness!

It was so refreshing to see people loving their jobs and making us feel as though we were actually on the real set.

Themed, Free Cocktails At The Event

Free Cocktails At Londonís FriendsFest

London is already an exciting city to be in, but when you inject free cocktails and food into the mix, it makes me a very happy person indeed.

Not only was it thrilling to have alcohol on hand, they tasted great and were themed like the titles of the show. For example, Smelly Cat and Bing-a-ling. To Friends novices, it might mean nothing, but there was always a queue at the bar because people wanted to know what all the commotion tasted like.

Free Cocktails At Londonís FriendsFest

Should I have a party in the near future, Iíll definitely not just create cocktails for the sake of it, but link them to the occasion – and even throw in some creative names too.

A wonderful evening followed by a memorable stay in a luxury hotel. Have you had an unforgettable cocktail experience you want to share? Tweet us your pictures or tag us in them on Facebook.