Knowing When To Stop Drinking

Knowing When To Stop Drinking

I’m not a teetotal, but neither am I a big drinker. Pour me a delicious tropical cocktail and I’ll probably finish it in about an hour and want a glass of water for my next beverage.

Drinking is more of a social duty for me, rather than lavishing in its taste. Maybe it was the antics when I was 18 which wore me out for adulthood.

Plus, the hangover the next day makes the whole drinking session pointless. There are people who aren’t able to stop drinking once they start, so here are some tips if this includes you.

Stop Drinking The Easy Way

Knowing When To Stop Drinking

We get that a bad week can make you want to drink away your memories, but once your temples are thumping the next day, you’re back to reality – and feeling worse.

If you’re at a bar or party, choose singles, never doubles. Bartenders will try to tempt you by assuming you’re having a double. Save your cash, the calories and the hangover. If you’re a wino, stick with small sizes all night.

Most times, if you’re bored or out with new people, you’ll clutch onto your glass and sip whenever there’s an awkward silence or you’re jaded.

This is one of the quickest ways to get drunk without even realising it. Keep your hands busy to distract yourself from mindlessly sipping. Alternatively, you can try the next tip…

Order a non-alcoholic beverage in-between alcohol. This will keep you hydrated and make you feel like you’re still included in the party action, without feeling rough the next day.

Try to find a non-alcoholic alternative to enjoy your time and limit your alcohol intake. A Diet Coca-Cola is too typical, so ask the bartender what options they have.

Depending on the class of your venue, mocktails can be delicious and subconsciously make you feel like you’re drinking when you’re not; the glass and garnishing play a huge part.

You don’t have to drink to have fun and most of us are more exciting without alcohol anyway.

Stop drinking and pace yourself so you don’t end up like a fool or feeling sick the next day. Drink responsibly and enjoy the company surrounding you, not what’s in your hand.