Reasons To Book A Cocktail Masterclass

Reasons To Book A Cocktail Masterclass

Hands up if you like cocktails. Hands up if you don’t like cocktails. Yeah, thought so.

Drinking from an elegant glass is a fashion staple as well as a treat. The mixology industry has rapidly grown and is still evolving, so there’s no better time to grab your friends and celebrate amongst alcohol.

There are myriad reasons why to book a cocktail masterclass, so we’ve simplified them and given you the more significant.

Cocktail Masterclass Occasions

Reasons To Book A Cocktail Masterclass

With most of us existing in this 9-5 world and in our ‘spare’ time, exercising, cleaning and looking after the family, we need a break. But holidays are expensive and we can’t always get the time off work. Shameful.

Located in the heart of Glasgow, we’re here to console you via in the internet and turn your world around.

Our driving goal is to make people happy and give them a different way to celebrate, rather than the typical meal out or dreary visit to a local pub.

Life should be lived and we should rejoice the special moments, such as: birthdays, stag parties, hen parties, corporate events or even just an excusable get-together with friends.

Here’s How Our Masterclasses Work

Reasons To Book A Cocktail Masterclass

Firstly, decide on our occasion.

Next, in which thrilling UK city/town would you like to let your hair down? Some choices include: Altrincham, Chester, Didsbury, Hove, Liverpool, Newbury, Newcastle and many more.

Then, it’s time to pick the venue. This is where we step in. You can opt for a bar near, or stretch much farther into another city which you’ll have chosen prior, or you can specifically request a venue.

It’ll take no more than five minutes to complete these three sections. We’ll then receive your form and buckle down to ensure everything is perfect and organised to the highest possible standard.

Whilst liaising with venues, we’ll keep you posted on your cocktail masterclass. If you’re too impatient, check out our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for inspiring cocktail recipes in the meantime.

Did someone say it’s cocktail o’clock?