London Eateries – Find the best street food and restaurants

London Eateries – Find the best street food and restaurants

Letís Eat!

Street Food:

Shoreditch is a great place to experience a wide array of street food and London eateries. It holds many food festivals and markets. †Most notably the Urban Food Fest which happens every Saturday. This includes many street food stalls plus a changing selection of craft beers, wines and even cocktails.

So now that you’ve had your fill of London’s best museums, lets enjoy some street food!

London Street Food

Another street food destination is Borough Market. †They offer both food which is ready to eat straight away plus fresh produce. A foodies dream to find everything under one roof. In Fact there are many amazing spots dotted all around London. †Wherever you are, there shouldnít be one too far away from you.


There are so many restaurants to choose from in London. †Before you head out, itís best to narrow your search by deciding what kind of food you are in the mood for.

If you are craving ice-cream then Chin Chin Labs in Camden wins. †They take this sweet treat to a whole other level through the application of liquid nitrogen.

A trip to London wouldnít be complete without that traditional trip to the pie and mash shop. You can even try the local delicacy jellied eels, but be warned it isnít for the faint-hearted.

One of the latest trends in London restaurants has been the upsurge in venues which are tucked away and offer seclusion. Back in 5 Minutes, Freud, Four O Nine and Old Tom and English all make it on to this list, but remember most will need early reservation.

Itís All in the Planning

You will get the most out of any trip to London if you do some planning before you arrive. That way you can group together all the places you want to visit and waste less time on the Underground or in the back of cabs.

There are now several apps available you can download to your phone to help you get around. †They can help find places close to wherever you are, so you never miss out. Itís also worth browsing the reviews on Trip Advisor or looking through Time Out London to find new places of interest.

There are many guides covering numerous sectors specialized to what you want to do. London on a budget, London as a couple, or London with a team are three.

Find your way from A to B with Google maps

Or find your nearest tube station using this handy map


Personal Recommendations

Your friends and family can sometimes be the best people to advise you. †Donít be afraid to ask around in person and on social media to capture a wider network.

Enjoy yourself

Lastly itís important to remember that there is so much to see and do in London. †Itís unlikely you will get to visit everywhere you want, regardless how long your stay is. So choose wisely and above all pace yourself. †Intersperse sight-seeing with plenty of rest and relaxation. †Be that the pub or in the beautiful open spaces around London.

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Written by Joe Thomas