Are you part of the gin revolution?

Are you part of the gin revolution?

Gin flights, gin tours or gin tastings… have you tried any of these events? †If not, why not?! They’re great. †With the dawn of small batch gin distilleries,†there are more products coming to market. We’re asking how to give you the chance to try and enjoy them. †I know we specialise in cocktail masterclasses, but we’re not ignoring the new wave of gin enthusiasts.

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In cocktails or with a simple mixer, there are loads of gins to try, and there will be no shortage of new products in the near future.

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How to try all the new gins

It’s not easy to try all the new spirits that are coming to bars near you. †At the bar, it can be easier just to go with what you know you like. †Or in your off-sales, you may always revert to your old faithful †bottle. We understand the shelves can get confusing…

With so many new spirits to choose from, what should you be spending your money on? †Should you take the bartender’s advice, try your luck or just stick with what you know? †Our advice is to always try something new, but keep a bottle of your favourite as a backup :). †Though we know you need a point in the right direction.

We’re looking for your input

To help give you clarity in what new spirits to try, and in the dawn of the small batch gin distilleries, 2 University of Strathclyde students & alumni set to host a new small batch online spirits retailer. † The unique selling point is that you’ll get expert recommendations tailored to your individual tastes!

Prize draw for your feedback

The team are currently gathering feedback via a short survey. †They are offering the attractive prize of a bottle of premium spirit packaged and delivered to one lucky winnerís door.

Furthermore, for those who like and share the post on social media platforms, there is the chance to win a FREE cocktail party. †This will be provided courtesy of the team at DnH Craft Cocktails (Tís & Cís apply).

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Written by Andrew Dempster

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Terms and conditions:
– The prize on offer for completion is a 0.7L bottle of Hendrick’s Gin, Kraken Rum or Balvenie Whiskey, chosen by the winner. The bottle will be shipped free of charge anywhere in the UK or Germany.
– The prize on offer for liking and sharing this post is a cocktail party at a location of the winner’s choosing for 4 people, any additional persons are chargeable. The only stipulated requirement is that this event must be held within 25 miles of Glasgow City.