Monday Fun-day

Monday Fun-day

It’s Monday, but hey! that’s not going to stop us enjoying ourselves. The working day is over, and there’s enjoyment to be had all over the country. What’s your #MondayFunday? Get involved on twitter

What’s your Monday routine?

I know what i like. At the end of the 9-5 on Mondays, I don’t want to go home yet. I want to really get the office out of my system, so I meet with some friends. We catch up from the weekend, and happily forget that we’ve just started our working week again.  After all it’s not so bad…

There’s cocktails to enjoy all across the country… Find some near you, and share them with friends

Have a great Monday everyone.

And if you fancy a cocktail class this weekend, just let us know. We cover the whole country and you could even hire a mobile bartender, who can come to you and bring a mobile cocktail masterclass

Get in touch if this is for you