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We at MyCocktailMasterclass want to help more customers to find the best suppliers of cocktail masterclasses. Does your venue offer these and deliver great service?

Are you a venue looking to fill your diary with events?

We’re looking for cocktail venues who can deliver great cocktail masterclass.Do any (or all) of the following describe your venue?

  • Do you serve great cocktails?
  • Do your staff enjoy making cocktails?
  • Are your staff comfortable in front of a crowd and being centre of attention?
  • Are you motivated to fill your diary and get paid?
  • Does your venue offer more than just cocktail masterclasses? Groups are always looking for extras to make their event extra special.

Then we are looking for you.

Mobile Bartender Cocktail Masterclass

How does it work? How does zero commission sound?

We work in a way where there is absolutely zero commission payable. You keep every penny that you earn, as the booking and contract is between your venue and the customer directly.

We have found that the customer and venue are both much happier, when dealing direct with each other. The whole customer experience is streamlined when you are both in direct contact with each other

Whats in it for MyCocktailMasterclass then? We charge a small one-off fee, for each lead that you want to quote for.

How does it work?

You’ll be sent an email with the enquiry details, giving you the basic information you need to know, to decide if the event is for you. This will include the date, time, name and group size of the enquirer.

If it’s not for you, simply ignore it, and it wont cost a thing.

If you’re interested, there will be a unique link within that email which will allow you to instantly purchase the customers contact details.

Then you contact the customer directly and secure your event as best you can

The benefits

  • It costs nothing to be on our list of suppliers and receive enquiries
  • You can ignore any enquiry that doesn’t fit your diary (or for any reason)
  • You pay no commission regardless of the size of event you secure
  • There is no subscription or set up fee to pay
  • Only 1 small fee to receive the enquiry contact details
  • You get the customer contact details immediately upon purchase
  • You’re able to sell more than just masterclasses
  • All conversations are between you and the customer
  • More bookings in your diary 🙂

Mobile bartender Cocktail masterclass set up

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