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5 Autumn Cocktails for This Crisp Season

September 27, 2016

It’s finally arrived: autumn. Though I’ll terribly miss days spent lounging on a sandy beach, the sun warming my skin and admiring trees that are lush and green, I can’t help but bask in the joy that only the fall season can bring. Who doesn’t love watching the leaves change from a deep emerald to

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Six Delicious Tropical Cocktails

August 30, 2016

Despite August being a beautifully warm month, many people would prefer to spend their remaining days of summer lounging ocean side on a tropical island, not on their patios, dining room, or even (if they’re lucky), their own pool. While we’re enjoying the summer holidays, or even just free evening from the stresses of work,

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8 Delicious Lemonade Cocktails To Cool Off This Summer

July 16, 2016

I don’t know about you, but recently, I can’t keep myself from standing over the vents in my house while the cold air conditioning makes its way through… that, along with pointing a fan directly at my face. The weather has been nearly unbearably hot, but I like to remind myself that it could be worse

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7 Colourful Cocktails for Pride Month

June 8, 2016

Pride Month is a big deal in Toronto, with the whole city sporting rainbow flags and events taking place to celebrate this month of accepting universal love. Last year, I went out in support of my closest friends and truly had a great time – after all, it’s just one big party and the point

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5 Yellow Cocktails to Celebrate the Sunny Weather

May 27, 2016

With the weather sitting well above 20°C for the past couple of weeks, I can’t help but sit back and enjoy some fruity drinks on my patio while soaking up the sun’s warm rays. It seems like a distant time when snow was piling up at the front door and the car had to be brushed

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Connecting With Cocktails: Facebook’s Mixology Gems

May 18, 2016

As I mentioned in my post on cocktails from Pinterest, social media websites are some of the best places to both share and discover cocktail recipes with a large scale population of people. The third installment of my Cocktails on Social Media posts unearths some mixology gems that I’ve found while perusing Facebook recipe pages; this social

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8 Prohibition Era Favourite Cocktails

May 13, 2016

The Prohibition Era: perhaps the darkest time in the world’s history… or at least, in the history of anyone who enjoys a nice drink on a Friday night. From 1920 to 1933, there was a nationwide constitutional ban in the United States on all things related to alcohol – production, importation, and (most horrifically) consumption.

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6 Wild Drinks for This Weekend

May 10, 2016

When you invite your friends over for a ‘wild’ night, chances are they’re assuming what would usually be the obvious: great drinks, great music, and an overall great time. How about you take it a step further this weekend and give them literally a wild night by upping your cocktail game with these six wild drinks

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April Showers Bring…May Flowers!

May 5, 2016

After putting up with a month of gloomy and rainy weather in April, it’s safe to say that ushering in the month of May also brings with it a hope for new flora. We all need a few cocktails to put a spring in our step. The old saying goes: ‘April showers bring May flowers’,

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Twitter And Cocktails: A Social Media Guide to Mixology

April 26, 2016

As I mentioned in my post about cocktails from Pinterest, I also explained how great social media is to share and discover cocktail recipes. These particular cocktails were absolutely delicious, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Twitter is another website that is a gold mine for sharing with the world your most tasty mixed drinks

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